Halloween Open House ~ Tour, Tricks & Treats

Welcome to the second annual Halloween Open House at Rook No. 17 where you'll get a little peek at how we've haunted the halls of our 1893 Victorian this year. 

First, please enjoy some hospitality...
(looks like we need to put some meat on those bones)

TRICK:  Owls?

TREAT:  Owl Deviled Eggs

TRICK:  Green Goblins?
TREAT:  Pistachio & Blue Cheese Grapes

TRICK:  Terrariums?
TREAT:  Chocolate Terrarium Cakes with Marshmallow Moss & Fondant Toadstools

TRICK:  Skulls?

And now, the tour...

(slideshow runs just over 2 minutes)
(Music:  Frost Waltz, courtesy of Incompotech.com )

Below you find links to tutorials for making some of the vintage inspired decorations seen in the slideshow.  Most were made on the cheap -- with supplies purchased from the dollar store.

Click HERE for a tutorial for making this glittering Skeleton Crew from dollar store supplies. This year I mounted the skulls on glass candlesticks from the dollar store.

Click HERE for a tutorial on how to make this Family Tree wreath. Plus, you'll find a free download for the vintage photo mattes.
These little skeletons from the Dollar Tree can be posed fairly easily and look pretty cute in their party hats.

For a tutorial on making the Black Bird Blocks, click HERE. The tutorial for making the folk art pumpkins is HERE. Both projects use supplies from the dollar store.
Click HERE for the tutorial on making this Edgar Allan Poe inspired piece.

Thanks for coming!

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