The Punk Skunk Costume

There's certainly no shortage of adorable Halloween costumes to buy or make for babies, toddlers, and kids under 8. Somewhere between the cute and fuzzy stage of the early years and the "You're not leaving the house wearing that!" stage of the tween and teen years, is the unfamiliar territory I found myself wading through last year when my daughter hit 4th grade.  

Cute and fuzzy was out.
Cool, original and clever were in demand.
Fortunately, we found a way to combine them all:
--The "Punk" Skunk--

This costume is easy, affordable, warm, comfortable!
9 out of 10 pre-tweeners agree:  "It doesn't STINK!"


Black Velour hoodie*
White Faux Fur**
Piece of cardboard to stiffen the "mohawk"
Glue gun
Punk inspired clothes
Face Paint (black, white, pink)
Create a mohawk piece by wrapping and hot-gluing a piece of cardboard (cut to the desired shape) with white faux fur.  Hot glue the mohawk in place on the hood of the sweatshirt.  Continue to glue a strip of white faux fur all the way down the back of the sweatshirt, and allow it to extend a foot or two beyond the sweatshirt for the tail.

Pull together a punk-inspired outfit from your child's wardrobe or from a trip to a local thrift store.  Add a little face paint and you're ready to go!

*We found our black hoodie at Target for $12.99
** We purchased the faux fur at Michael's.

What is your pre-tweener wearing this Halloween?

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