Free Clipart: 1960s Nurses, Doctors, and Retro Get-Well Graphics

It's a real bummer to be starting summer vacation with the wheezes, sneezes and aches of a nasty cold, but I'm assured a swift recovery thanks to my loving and nurturing little "staff" here at home who are keeping me well supplied with hot tea, warm blankets and plenty of tissues.

 photo 05-1950s1960snursedoctorhospitalretrographicclipart_zpsa5bedcf8.jpg

To pay the healing vibe forward, I'm sharing  this sweet little collection of retro graphics featuring nurses, hospital staff, and mid-century style.  They're from the 1962 book  The Hospital  by Mable Pyne, which never fails to put a smile on my face.

 photo 03-1960s1950sstudentnurseclipartgraphic_zpsba154f69.jpg

I think these images would be perfectly adorable on a get-well-soon card or on a tea towel for a friend graduating from nursing school.  What would you make with them?

This is my favorite image of all -- a historical piece that shows the different styles of nurses' caps from different hospitals around the country during the late 1950s and early 1960s.

 photo 01-1950s1960snursecapsfashionsgraphic-001_zps207f9960.jpg

Here are some of the hospital staff in their candy stripes and smart uniforms:
 photo 08-1960nursecandystripergraphicretroclipart_zpsac7a5ba7.jpg 

 photo 11-1960nursetechniciangraphicretroclipart_zpsb2bde434.jpg
 photo 07-1960nursegraphicretroclipart_zps6db95541.jpg
 photo 12-1960doctorgraphicretroclipart_zpsd73cde4c.jpg 

And here are some other nifty ladies: 

 photo 06-1960ladygraphicretroclipart_zpscd1ce6dd.jpg
 photo 10-1960ladyshoppinggraphicretroclipart_zps3edb934b.jpg
 photo 09-1960ladyvendorgraphicretroclipart_zps1d16e134.jpg

These two images are a bit odd, but definitely add to the retro charm of the book:

 photo 14-1960s1950schildinhospitalgowngraphic_zpse485fc37.jpg
 photo 04-1950s1960scandystripernurseskeletongraphicclipart_zpsd7c0d666.jpg


  1. Sorry you're under the weather but delighted for the illustrations! My sis-out-law is getting her degree in nursing next week almost 40 years since becoming an RN through a hospital and I'm making her a mini-album. I loved the nursing hats and the pink and white striped Candy-Striper illustrations! I was signed up to be one in high school - they were organized hospital volunteers. The problem was that nursing was my mother's dream - NEVER mine. I got sick from nerves so that ended before it began. :)

  2. What fantastic graphics. Thanks for sharing. Get better soon.

  3. These are wonderful, so glad you shared these with us.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon :) Thank you for sharing these awesome graphics which bring back so many memories of the past.


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