10 Creative DIY Valentine Projects

I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal.  As you may have observed, by the time I post a tutorial for the holiday project I've done with my family, the holiday is likely to be 48 hours from being a memory.  

So, this year, with plenty of time to plot, plan and enjoy with your family, I present 10 creative, fun, whimsical and sweet ideas for Valentine's Day:

Remember these guys from your childhood?
Roll the pencil between your palms and their hair goes wild. 

This project is a treat, an activity and card all in one.

These elegant cards are made from watercolor paper and contain a tiny love note in the beak of the messenger bird.

This is a frugal upcycling craft.
The tiny crowns are made from cardboard tubes.

Here's a sweet idea: Pre-made heart-shaped marshmallows, dipped in chocolate and decorated as Cupid's Arrows!

These Smarties Valentines are a wise choice: Just print, snip, and add the candy!

 Here's an a-Maze-ingly easy one:  Just print and add a mini maze.

Who wouldn't love to get their own warm fuzzy Love Bug?
Tutorial:  Love Bug Valentines

These sweet candy creations start with marshmallow valentine Peeps.  

For more grown-up tastes, you can't go wrong with these homemade Raspberry Dusted Dark Chocolate Truffles.

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