Some time in early 2009 I got the crazy notion to start a blog where I could share my original crafts, recipes and ideas for creative living.  I started as "Rook No. 17", which was re-branded to Jennuine in 2015 to better reflect the genuine me.  I blog for fun, on no particular agenda, and at the whim of my current fancies and fascinations.  

My "real job" is as a full-time high school culinary arts instructor.  I teach the National Restaurant Association ProStart curriculum in a 3-year program that prepares high school students to work in the foodservice and hospitality industry (and to never be limited to ramen and cold cereal out in the real world).  It's my dream-job-come-true, second only to my first calling -- Mother to five kidlets who keep me grounded and focused on what's important.

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