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Recipe: Tempura Fried Wild Mustard Blossoms

In a time of many shortages, there's one thing that is not in short supply -- Wild Mustard.  If you drive pretty much anywhere in California at this time of year, this prolific weed is seemingly everywhere.  Did you know that it's delicious?  It's great raw in salads -- it tastes a bit like broccolini -- and adds a lot of color and fun.  It's free and it's nutritious.  

Wild mustard grows all over our property, so at this time of year, I send my kids out back with a basket and scissors to snip the tiny clusters of blossoms.  They're delicate, so to wash, we put them in a bowl filled with cold water and gently dunk them.  Dirt and other unwanted debris sinks to the bottom and the blossoms float.  My families absolutely favorite way to eat them is what we call "Popcorn Mustard Flowers".  They're essentially foraged, washed and towel-dried mustard blossoms dipped in a simple tempura batter and fried.  They taste like broccoli tempura and disappear qui…

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