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Chonky Boys: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches that Scream Summer!

Featuring my thick and nuggy Chonky Boy Chocolate Chip Cookies, these ice cream sandwiches are the stuff that summer dreams are made of.  If you've ever had the Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at Disneyland , you are going to LOVE these!  These big and bold chocolate chip cookies are based on a recipe from my culinary school studies at Auguste Escoffier, but with a few modifications to give them that Jennuine touch.  They make the perfectas book for a fat slice of real vanilla bean ice cream.  And those mini chips?  You just gotta have that extra cronch! Thank goodness this recipe only makes 8 sandwiches, otherwise I would be eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  This way, my big family can help save me from my inner child diet-saboteur.   Print With Image Without Image Chonky Boy Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Yield: 8 Author: Jenn Erickson Loaded with chocolate chips and buttery, brown-sugary vanilla flavor, these mall-sized cookies form a perfect partnership with a

Creative Cake DIY: Beach Bucket Cake with Edible "Sand"
(and a Lemon Cake Oyster & Pearl on Top)

The beach bucket cake is my favorite cake to make at this time of year.  It's always a big hit at the cake walk at my daughters' school carnival.  Last year, I shared my easy step-by-step tutorial for putting together your own beach bucket cake and my recipe for real-looking edible "sand".   Earlier this spring, I was contacted by Donsuemor , a gourmet bakery based right here in my home state, specializing in traditional French Madeleine cakes (that are sold online).  They had spotted my tutorial for making " Pearl & Oyster Cakes " out of Madeleines and wondered if I'd like to give their cakes a try.     They sent me a variety-box of their gourmet Madeleines which included traditional, chocolate, chocolate dipped, and lemon zest ( The box was complimentary.  I have received no monetary compensation for my review ).  The Madeleines were some of the finest I've tasted, but my family's favorite was the lemon zest.  The lem

Four Creative Cakes You Can Make for Summer!

Every summer my girls and I have fun coming up with new summertime-inspired sweets! Here's a round-up of some of our sandy, beachy and cool creations.  Click on the photos to visit the tutorials!    Sandcastle Cake  Oyster & Pearl Madeleine Cakes Sno Cone Cupcakes and this year's creation... -------------------------- This post has been shared with: Catch as Catch Can at My Repurposed Life BFF Open House at The Answer is Chocolate Making it with Allie at What Allie's Making Now Crafty Soiree at Yesterday on Tuesday Mrs. Fox's Sweet Party Tickled Pink at 504 Main Think Pink Sundays at Flamingo Toes

The Sweetest Summer Cake ~
Beach Bucket Cake Tutorial

This is a cake that anyone can make no matter what your level of baking or cake decorating skill!   It's fun, whimsical, and very versatile!    It takes little time and little money, but makes a big impression! Perhaps you've noticed that things around here have been pretty quiet lately.  That's because it's the last week of school for my girls, and the year-end activities have my head spinning -- 5th grade play, teacher gifts, class parties, and the school carnival just to name a few.  Every year the school carnival has a cake walk, and since I'm a cake artist, my girls have come to expect me to donate something fabulous to the event.  So what's a busy mama to do?  We got home from the school play at 8:30 last night and I still had homework to do.  Thank goodness I have a few tricks up my sleeve for occasions just like this! All wrapped up for the "Cake Walk" The Beach Bucket cake is the perfect cake for any occasion

Easy & Elegant Wedding Cake You Can Make Yourself for Under $50

  In this post, I'm sharing a video tutorial to get you started with some basic skills for making an elegant tiered special occasion cake covered with rolled fondant.  The cake can be dressed up with ribbon, fresh flowers, gumpaste flowers, etc.  Here, I've decorated the tiers with an inexpensive and whimsical adornment:  Ombre Paper Butterflies made from paint chips! I'm pleased to be sharing my first wedding cake tutorial and DIY video as part of the Do-It-Yourself Wedding Ideas party at!   For the purpose of this demonstration, I scaled down the cake to 7", 5" and 3" tiers, which will serve 16.  You can increase the size of the cake to suit your event.  The supplies for my cake cost under $35, which includes the punch I used for the butterflies.  A cake for 50 or even 100 can be made for under $50.  Your main cost is in the fondant, which I'll get to later. DIY WEDDING CAKE A few notes before we start:

Lorax Truffula Tree Cupcakes -- Easy DIY

"But those trees ! Those trees ! Those Truffula Trees ! All my life I'd been searching for trees such as these The touch of their tufts was much softer than silk. And they had the sweet smell of fresh butterfly milk." ~excerpt from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss   In celebration of the release of The Lorax movie and Dr. Seuss's birthday, I made cupcakes for my daughter's class featuring silky tufted Truffula Trees, and it was so easy to do!  The paper straws are durable enough to be washed after use, so the kids were able to take theirs home.  Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers (approx. 50-cents per piece) 1.  Striped Paper Straws (I purchased mine from Shop Sweet Lulu ) 2.  *Marabou feather yardage (5" per tree) (From the trimmings section of your fabric store) 3.  Hot glue Step 1:  Cut feather strand into 5" sections. Step 2:  Hot glue in a spiral around the top 1" of a paper st

Snow Globe Cupcakes ~ Edible Winter Wonderlands in a Jar

There's something about snow globes -- those whimsical glass domed mini worlds -- that evoke a childlike sense of wonder and delight in all who give them a shake.    When I created my Woodland Terrarium Cakes back in September, it struck me that if I turned the jars the other way around, they'd be reminiscent of a snow globe.  I knew right then and there that my girls and I would be experimenting with Snow Globe cupcakes during the holidays! The cakes are constructed from a single cupcake, frosting, rolled fondant, and royal icing.  I added just a shake of white nonpareils to the mason jar for the snow.  I experimented with a few types of jars, but my favorite turned out to be a wide-mouth half-pint mason jar.  The wide mouth gives enough room for the cupcake to be put in (and taken out to eat later!). The snowmen are easy enough for kids to make, and the project would make a fun activity for a winter party!  Here's how it's done...