ROOK No. 17 ~ Favorite Craft Sources

BIT OF WHIMSEY DOLLS -- This talented mom has designed her own line of patterns for the most adorable plush managerie ~ owls, dogs, elephants, sheep, even squid and much more. Plus, darling dollies that any little girl or boy would cherish. Her patterns are easy to follow and excellently priced.

DHARMA TRADING -- -- supplies and materials for creating custom clothing and textiles. They sell fabrics, dyes, and a wide selection of clothing blanks. Learn new techniques in their "how-to" section.

JENNYLOVESBENNY -- -- If you enjoy sewing hand-made plush, you should not miss Jenny's original patterns and kits for mohair bears, bunnies and more.

GERMAN CORNER -- -- German Glass glitter, dresdens and trims

THE FEATHERED EGG -- -- all types of blown eggs from tiny little quail eggs to funky green emu eggs

PLANET EARTH SOAP MOLD SUPERSTORE -- -- a fantastic selection of soap molds and soap making supplies

D. BLUMCHEN AND CO. -- -- Exquisite German crafting supplies: glass glitter, dresdens, trims, vintage and reproduction scrap sheets for decoupage, unique advent calenders, vintage florals, tinsel, batting & watte, crepe paper, papier-mache boxes, and bonbonnieres. They also feature occassional project tutorials for charming holiday items.

BRAMBLE BERRY -- -- the best online source for soap bases, fragrances, essential oils, and molds.

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