Here are some of our favorite stories to share with our little ones at bedtime, sure to set their imaginations in motion for a magical journey to dreamland.

Good Night, Fairies, by Kathleen Hague~ “Children enamored with the notion of fairies will drink up Kathleen and Michael Hague's lush picture book like nectar. When a mother is asked by her child about how fairies spend their days and nights, she embarks on a dreamy account of these mysterious, magical creatures. For starters, fairies hang the stars in the sky each evening "so every child will have a night-light." They also teach birds to sing, paint the wings of butterflies, comb mermaids' hair, and sleep "on leafy beds in secret gardens." The wondering child falls asleep to these poetic musings, welcomed to dreamland by the fairies. Lyrical colored-pencil and watercolor illustrations, filled with elaborate detail, accompany this gentle bedtime story. Readers are challenged to find and count all 321 winged fairies in the book, and to look for the red-capped fairy hiding on each page.” ~ Amazon

In Every Moon There Is a Face, by Charles Mathes and Arlene Graston ~ “This elegant book began with the simple words of a poet, which inspired an artist s vision, a moon, a face, a child. The face in that moon draws us into a wondrous journey beyond the bounds of time and space, an experience that grows deeper and more magical with each reading as we connect with our creative selves. Arlene Graston's spell-binding paintings flow perfectly with Charles Mathes's gentle lyrics, inviting us to embark on a voyage of discovery and delight.” ~ Amazon

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