If there's a wedding in your future, or if, like me you're happily married but still enchanted by the dresses, the cakes, the whimsy and drama of weddingdom, you won't want to miss a new blog from author, wedding planner, style maven, and our very good friend, Holly Lefevre. HIP, STYLISH, AND TOTALLY COOL WEDDINGS is the ultimate "glam guide for the savvy bride." Holly describes this latest creative endeavor as, "Hip, stylish, & totally cool weddings for the budget savvy bride with above-average style, a fabulous and fun sense of herself, and distinctive ideas about her wedding. It speaks to the hip bride who knows the importance and impact smart spending and savvy thinking can have on her life and her wedding style."

We especially enjoyed the first installment of her feature tackling "WEDDING MYTHS".

We're looking forward to an interview with Holly precluding the release of her latest book, "The Everything Wedding Etiquette Book", and will be including a giveaway.

The resources available to brides have certainly expanded since I was married almost ten years ago, which prompts the question to my married readers, "if you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?" Hopefully, the groom would remain the same!

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