It's been a week of bloggerly love and some darn good ego strokes.  The icing on the cake was today's news from Ms. Bibi at From Misery to Happiness in 365 Days that she's awarded me the "Gorgeous Blogger Award".  Not "Gorgeous Blog".  Gorgeous Blogger.  Me?  Me!  Yippee! 

By accepting this award I am supposed to tell you 6 things you might not know about me and then pass it on to another gorgeous blogger.

Six things.  Hmmm.... Let's see...

1)  People who know me would undoubtedly charactarize me as feminine ~ a girly girl ~ but I definitely harbor an inner tomboy; always have.  I was raised with three brothers, so hanging out with the guys just comes naturally.  I still ooh and ahh over Tonka trucks, fire engines, and dinosaurs.  My shoe of choice is the high heel, but if I truly had my druthers I'd go shoeless and splash in mud puddles.  I loathe chick flicks and love super heroes!  Also (just had to throw this out there), I think cephalopods are the coolest (TENTACLES!!!)

2)  I used to work for the Candid Camera Television Show (Smile!).  You may have seen me as the flight attendant in the flight over the Grand Canyon gag, or as the admin assistant in "Small Office" to name a few. 

3)  I {HEART} vintage.  Okay, maybe that was an obvious one.  My latest obsessions have been vintage patent leather purses and floral broaches.

4)  I treasure my collection of birds' nests and birds' eggs.  My favorite egg is from a chicken at my daughter's preschool (Bertha).  Bertha must have been pretty tense when she laid this little beauty because it's the same length as a regular brown egg, but is 1/4 the girth.

5)  A have a borderline phobia of balloons.  No joke.  It's gotten better since I've had children, due to the fact that when you have kids, balloons seem to be part of the package. 

6)  Words I love:  Aubergine, ephemeral, mellifluous, conundrum, giblet, button, fig, pin, & nibblet.  Words I despise:   Comely, gubernatorial, genitalia, bowel, beefy, stinky, fickle, milktoast, succotash, fundus, fecund & dud.

"I have never developed indigestion from eating my words."  ~ Winston Churchill

I'm passing on the Gorgeous Blogger award to...
Tabitha of I Choose Bliss

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