December 6, 2009


Small Town...Small World...

Well, the Facebook Fairy did it again ~ through the magic of networking, she reconnected me with one of my brother's friends from our school days here in Pacific Grove.  I feel blessed and honored to say that I now consider her a dear friend too.  This amazing mom, creative force, fellow foodie, and all-around "good-egg" has opened an Etsy store (Arco Iris), launched a blog (Till Death Do Us Art) and website with such talent, creativity, and gusto ~ all in the time it takes me to decide on a post title!  Amazing! 

Now get this ~ As Holly (from 504 Main) and I were driving up to the Alameda Point Antiques Fair this past weekend, we got to talking blogs (fancy that!) and happened upon the subject of Iris's beautiful jewelry (which Holly had just purchased!).  As with any online purchase, Holly provided her shipping address and...HOLY SMOKES... Iris used to live in the same house (way back when).  Small World, indeed!

Oh, that's right, I said GIVEAWAY, didn't I.  Oh, you didn't stop by just to hear me ramble on and on?  Allright then, let's  make it TWO Giveaways!


"These stunning Tasi Earrings are colored like the blue/green ocean depths that they are named after. Made from beads of green Australian Jasper (4 and 8 mm round).  The word "Tasi" means ocean . The blue, green colors of these Australian Jasper beads are like the ocean on a sunny day. That was why I paired them with the gold wire. They are stunning, and unique. You will definitely be noticed wearing these!  Hoop measures approximatley 2 by 1 1/2 inches."    Retails for $25.

Gift wrapped in its own beautiful box, a handwritten note or card can be added at no extra cost if you'd like to send them as a holiday gift.


"The Harvest Leaves Trio Pendant is part of my Harvest Leaves Collection. This pendant is 3 leaves made of black Polymer Clay and one leaf in each Copper, Silver, and Gold Leaf. The leaves are etched with veins, which you can see through the foil. It is strung with black waxed cotton cord. It also has handmade copper hardware. This piece is beautiful and eye catching.  Measures Approximatley 3 inches wide and 2 inches long.  Each piece is handmade with love, so no two will ever be exactly the same."  Retails for $35.

Gift wrapped in its own beautiful box, a handwritten note or card can be added at no extra cost.

Winners will be drawn at random and announced on Tuesday, December 17

Here's How to Enter:

1)  Publicly follow Rook No. 17
2)  Publicly follow Till Death Do Us Art
3)  Visit ARCO IRIS on Etsy and leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece.

For extra entries:

1)  Twitter this giveaway (leave additional comment) -- one extra entry
2)  FB this giveaway (leave additional comment) -- one extra entry
3)  Create a unique blog post about this giveaway (leave additional comment with link) -- 5 extra entries
4)  FB Fans of Rook No. 17 get an extra entry (be sure to mention this in your comments)


  1. Love ya Jenn!! :) As it would so happen folks, JENN is doing a giveaway as well for a whole set of her adorable little Cupcake Cuties on my blog, so stop by "Till death do us art" and take a chance on another awsome giveaway!!

    Iris :)

  2. Not sure if I was supposed to do separate for each...oh well too late... I LOVE the Harvest Leaves Trio Pendant. I posted on my blog a few days ago that it was on my wish list.


  3. Love the jewelry- and what an amazing coincidence about the house!

  4. I follow you both. I think the Harvest Leaves trio is my favorite piece. (Was I supposed to put all 3 in one comment?)

  5. following publicly Rook No 17

  6. following publicly Til Death do us Art

  7. I like the Sweet Mint Earrings

  8. I like the Lost In Time piece.

  9. Hi Jenn. I am following both you and Iris (finally figured out how to do that -- not hard at all). Greatly enjoying the music on your blog right now, by the way. I am also a fan of Rook 17 on FB. Iris' pieces are all amazing. If I had to pick a fave I am especially drawn to the Tasi earrings which you are showing as well.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I love the Eye of the Tiger necklace. Beautiful. The High Sierra Earrings also caught my eye. I'm gonna forward this over to my dh, maybe I'll find one in my hands on New Year's Eve....

    I forget to mention that I followed Iris' blog and posted on fb...

  12. I think I deleted this by accident--I put a wall update out there on Fb last night. People are crazy not to enter!

  13. You are ALL so sweet!! Thank you for your wonderful support and lovely comments!! I wish I could send all of you your favorite pieces!! :) I hope that whoever wins truly enjoy's their new jewelry. It is the best thing in the world seeing people, espeically people I dont know, in my creations. I hope you will let me know how you like your jewelry and keep in touch with both Jenn and I!! :) Thank you again! And a HUGE THANK YOU to Jenn for doing all of this!!! ♥

    Iris :)


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