ST. PATRICK'S DAY CUPCAKE TOPPER DIY, and the curse of the nefarious leprechaun


He's back!  You probably already know him.  He's the one that sideswipes your car, knocking off your side mirror and keeps on driving. He's the guy who lets his dog do his business on your lawn and never picks it up, fills the public toilet with those paper seat covers, pours the last cup of coffee in the staff room, but lets the pot sit there empty to smolder and burn...sound familiar?  If you're a blogger, and have taken the advice of your well-meaning peers and removed "word-verification" from your blog, you've probably had a run in with this malicious little imp -- calls himself "Anonymous" and loves to wreak havoc with your work by placing all kinds of wacky ads and nonsense in the comment field throughout your blog.  Argh!  

Recently, this slippery little dickens decided  to take advantage of my absence by bestowing me with not one or two, but dozens of his crafty little witticisms all over my blog.  Ahh, the day held such promise ~ I awoke to sunshine, my husband handing me a cup of hot coffee, my children smiling and peaceful, and a few morning hours with nothing on the agenda -- such a rare treat!  I decided to seize the moment, summon my creativity, and write a post.  To my dismay, I began to unravel a string of Spam comments, most artfully woven throughout my hundreds of posts.  That pugnacious little twit!  I humble myself and go crawling back to my jilted ex, Mr. Word Verification, and using my biggest, widest puppy-dog eyes, coerce him to return.

What Rook No. 17 needs is some luck.  And with St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, I summon up the "luck of the Irish" with this gift of a free downloadable PDF of these charming little vintage German scrap images from my collection.  

Looking for a sweet adornment to your St. Patty's Day treats?  This easy-to-do project for cupcake toppers has it all:

Simple?  check!
Inexpensive? check!
Nostalgia?  you betcha!
Chocolate?  indeed!

Scrap images (below), printed on heavy stock, cut and trimmed
Chocolate coins
Glue (I used glue dots)
Glue pen (optional)
Superfine glitter (optional)

Insert one end of toothpick into chocolate coin.  Glue scrap image to coin.  Embellish with glitter for the magic touch!  That's it!

Rook17 St Patricks Scrap

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