September 7, 2010


COST: Under $2/piece
TIME: 15 minutes/piece


I featured this easy little craft last October, after scooping up the last five glitter skulls at my local Dollar Tree.  This week, I was thrilled to find that the skulls are back.  Get 'em while they last, and have fun assembling your own "skeleton crew".

Can you roll paper into a cone?
Can you fold an old fashioned newspaper hat?
Well, grab your hot glue gun and lets get going...

Here's what you need:

  • Glitter skulls (found mine at the Dollar Tree) Can't find glitter skulls? Buy a cheap plastic skull, cover with craft glue, then glitter liberally.
  • Vintage sheet music and/or book pages (I pick up old dictionaries that are falling apart and would otherwise be thrown in the garbage at the end of a garage sale)
  • Craft glue
  • Ultrafine glitter, silver
  • Glue gun
  • Paper cupcake liners
  • Tissue Paper Fringe ~ it's called Festoonery, but you knew that already didn't you, you crafty devil? If you don't have festoonery in your bag o' tricks, follow the easy tutorial below to make your own
  • Optional:  Glass candlesticks from the Dollar Tree 

First, open up 4-5 cupcake liners. Put a dot of glue in the middle of each paper, then stack.

Glue stack to the bottom of glitter skull to form an Elizabethan-style collar
Make a hat using old paper.  Add embellishments like fringe, glitter and velvet ribbon.  Glue hat on to skull. Now, that's one dapper looking dead guy!
Your final step is to fluff and glitter the ruffled collar. It may sound messy, but the best way I've found is to dip my fingertips in the craft glue, then brush lightly over the edges of the ruffles, shaping as I go. Dust with glitter and allow to dry.

Optional Step:  Hot glue the base of the skull to a glass candlestick.

The possibilities are endless...

The Piper

The Clown

The Nurse

The Gentleman...

Easy-Peasy Tissue Paper Fringe How-to

Cut and stack four pieces of tissue paper (about 1.5" wide)

Staple together along one entire edge.
Next, using pinking shears, cut fringe.
Crumple, Crinkle, and Flounce the Fringe!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up: I've been so busy planning this year's BYOP menu I hadn't given much thought to the new decorations we're inevitably going to add this year!

  2. this might be one of my favorite halloween crafts i have seen! so cute! i need to go to the dollar store and find some skulls- love those!

  3. I glittered some skulls last year on my own. But I love how you added the hats and collars! I am definitely going to try that! Too cute!

  4. Those are super cute! I maybe scouring my local dollar store for some skulls!

  5. Those are awesome! I'm definitely trying them if my dollar tree has the skulls. Lovin' those paper hats.


  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I really appreciated it. I love your skulls, in all their Elizabethan glory. :) I also really love your other blog...A Family Of One's Own. I think I might go back there now...

  7. I love the nurse and the gentleman! Halloween is a fun time at our and in our neighborhood. My theme is usually skeletons having a party, so this would be a perfect addition this year.

  8. You are very talented, I would have never thought of that! Keep the good stuff coming. Do you have any recipes for caramel apples?

  9. I love the cupcake liner "Elizabethan" collar. You are so freaking creative!!!

  10. Thanks for sending me the caramel apple recipe. I WILL be making them with my daughter this weekend! They are my absolute favorite.

  11. This really is such a fun project...I have to get to the dollar store!

  12. These skulls are really cool!! I'm going to post about them at next week or so!


  13. That is so fun! I love the crafy necks and hats. Katharine

  14. Thanks for the nice comments on my site, Jenn! :) Nice to make a new friend.

  15. Okay, I'll be posting about them on the 24th. The link will work then:

  16. WOW! I saw these on Dollar Store Crafts and may I say again, WOW! These are too fabulous! I am definitely signing up to follow your blog!

  17. awesome!! Off to the dollar tree for skulls!!! I love the collars and top hat!!

  18. this is just perfect for the preteens to make; for me to make,too! thanks for sharing this great idea and tutorial <3


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