There's something to be said about a handmade gift. In fact, there's quite a lot to be said. A handmade gift means that someone really took the time.  They stepped outside of the hurried pace of the world to use their skills, their creativity, and their hands to make something special.  A handmade gift isn't about convenience.  It has heart...soul.  

BUT, a handmade gift doesn't need to take a lot of time or cost a small fortune.  When it comes to children's toys sometimes the simplest ones are the best -- the ones that outlast all the shiny plastic and razzle-dazzle.  (Did I just say razzle-dazzle?  Sheesh...I really am getting old).

If you have any pint-sized people on your holiday gift list this year and the inclination to go the handmade route, consider this easy and versatile Bean Bag tutorial from my friend Crafty Mummy.  Paired with a matching pouch, a list of ideas for games, or instructions for learning to juggle, you have a wonderfully special gift! 


Hi! I'm Crafty Mummy. 
I'm a SAHM in Queensland, Australia 
and I blog over at Mummy Crafts.
Thanks for letting me be your guest today, Jenn!

A few months ago I made these bean bags for the kids to play with.
They LOVE them!
They play with them almost every weekend -
especially if Daddy is around to throw them at!
So here's the tutorial to make yours:

Step 1
Start with a variety of squares.
Mine were scraps from an I-spy quilt
all cut to be 5"x 5"
Step 2
Put two of your squares right sides together
Step 3
Stitch around all the edges
leaving a gap of about 2 inches to turn
Step 4
Clip the corners
Step 5
Turn through and press 
Step 6
Top stitch 1/8" from the edge
leaving the gap open for filling
Step 7
Fill with "beans"
You can use any type of beans or rice
I used large bird seed because it was cheap
Step 8
Pin the hold the seeds in while you topstitch the gap closed
I have seen beanbags with appliqued letters and numbers on them
so that you can play learning games with them too.
You'd want to do your applique at Step 2 before you stitch them together.
You can find some ideas of games to play 
with your new bean bags

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