It's Hip to Be Square -- Binary Name Tag T-shirts

Last year my daughter and her school chum took an extracurricular computer class. I remember how excited the kids were the day that they learned to write their names in binary code. That day, an idea struck me -- I wanted to make the kids t-shirts with a classic "Hello My Name Is" tag and their name written in binary.  

Life got insanely busy, as it often does, and the project got pushed to the back burner.  This past Friday, some completely unscheduled leisure time sprouted up out of my calendar.  Holly (from 504 Main) and I seized the opportunity to hang out and catch up.  I finally created the personalized binary shirts I had dreamed up so long ago while Holly fried up nearly a whole hog's worth of bacon for her amazing Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you have a mighty brain in your family who would get a cerebral kick out of a binary shirt, here's  quick tute on how it was done:


Iron On Transfer Sheet for Colored Shirts (even if you're ironing on to white for this project, because you want it to look like an actual name tag sticker)
"Hello My Name Is" name tag template HERE
Iron & Ironing Board

Step 1:  Unless you're a whiz with binary code, you can visit this website to have your name translated instantly and for free:

Step 2:  Download the name tag template.  Paste it into Word, Picassa, Photobucket or any program you like to use for adding text to photos.  Use a techie-looking font to print the binary code for the name you've selected.  I used "Discognate".

Step 3:  Print name tag on to Iron On Transfer paper according to manufacturers instructions.  I used the paper from HP, which does NOT have you print a mirror image.  Some other brands will have you print a mirror-image.  Be sure to read all the instructions before you get started.

Step 4:  Trim the image from the paper, leaving no white border.  

Step 5:  Follow manufacturer instructions for ironing-on the transfer.

Easy Peasy

Have fun!

We did!

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