OWL BET YA LIKE IT -- Interior Design at Your Fingertips with Olioboard

My Play-On-Birds

I was delighted when my friend Anne, the author of the blog BIRD/LIKE introduced me to the free online design tool called Olioboard. Olioboard allows you to choose from thousands of real home decor items including flooring, wallpaper, furniture, accessories, and even plants to create "mood boards" which allow you to design living spaces in a fun, new way!  Well, enough about that...this isn't a commercial, after all!

Last week, Anne started a unique party at Bird/Like. It starts out with a photo of a bird, as inspiration. Then,  participants are able to share a mood board that they've created, based on the bird of the week.  

Owls are cool!

It's no secret, here at Rook No. 17 that I have an affinity for birds, so Anne's challenge was one I certainly couldn't pass up, especially since this week's bird was the sensational Spectacled Owl:

There was definitely a learning curve, but overall I was
happy with my first attempt at a mood board on Olioboard.

If you're looking to redesign or redecorate your living space, you may want to give Olioboard a try before taking a sledgehammer or paintbrush in hand. And if you enjoy getting creative with color, pattern and design, you may just want to give Olioboard a try for the fun of it!

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