April 5, 2011

RETRO RECIPES -- Step Back to the 60s, 70s, and 80s with A Little Birdie Told Me... No. 14

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"A Little Birdie Told Me..." Tuesday!

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I love exploring vintage shops
for old cookbooks, and enjoy recreating
the foods enjoyed in decades past.


Last week, these kindred spirits
stepped into the "Wayback Machine",
sharing three retro recipes
that will never go out of style...


Elizabeth from "A Whisk & A Prayer"
started with a 1968 Better Homes and Gardens recipe 
in the creation of her Banana Nut Muffins.

Enjoy with "Planet of the Apes" 1968 version


Cindy from "Everyday Insanity" shared her recipe for
these lovely little Ribbon Sandwiches that were inspired
by a Betty Crocker cookbook recipe nearly 40 years ago.  

Enjoy with a little "Annie Hall"


Cindy also shared 
"Candise's Cherry Comfort Bars"
and I think I'm in LOVE!  

John Cusack Say Anything Flashback Friday – Say Anything
Enjoy with a good Brat Pack flick!

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  1. I love the retro recipes you have featured - and what a cool way to feature them! Thank you so much for hosting. This week I have brought along a dish we often enjoy in France - and I have my own recipe now so I can make it at home in England too!

  2. Vintage cookbooks are a weakness of mine. In fact, I just picked up a couple at our local thrift store for 25 cents each. I've been thinking about writing a post about them. Might be a good thing to link up!

  3. I love how you feature your "features!" So creative...I linked up my pail--have a great week!

  4. Your newest follower and participant in the link up. Excited to meet some new people over here! Thanks!

  5. Thanks for hosting Jenn, All of the recipes you posted look so fun! I posted an Easter Printable and Porcupine Meatballs, have a great day!


  6. Thanks for hosting. I'm celebrating strawberry week, enjoy the jam!

  7. I love vintage cookbooks! They are so fun.

  8. Love the 80s recipe! Thanks so much for hosting again! I linked up my tutorial on how to make piping for pillows.

  9. Jenn, thanks so much for hostessing and for all of your kind words!

  10. Ok, those cherry bars look to.die.for. I'm pretty sure I could eat an entire pan worth of them in one sitting! Now you've got me wanting to watch a brat pack flick!

  11. Hi Jenn, oh yum, I suddenly feel like baking some muffins. Thanks very much for hosting :)

  12. You just can't beat an older recipe! Those cherry bars look scrumptious.

  13. love the back in time features. (annie hall and jon cusack - yes!) and banana nut muffins started it all?! amazing.
    excited to check out some other lovely ideas!

  14. I love the retro recipes! OK I absolutely love pigs in a blanket and I'm not ashamed to admit it! This week I'm linking up some jewelry inspired by the store Chicos....I like my price better :)

  15. My mom made those sandwiches all the time! And Say Anything...sigh...loved that movie.
    Thanks Jenn for the fun features and for hosting again!

  16. #22 this week. I thought I'd shake things up by including a recipe that doesn't actually require any cooking! These were a hit with the Mann boys. Thanks, as always, for hosting.

  17. Oh my, I remember the Planet of the Apes!! Thanks for hosting another great party, so enjoy linking up each week. :)

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  18. I love trying recipes from vintage cookbooks! Some recipes are classics that never go out of style. Thanks for hosting!

  19. hi jenn....love your decades in food review! i watched every planet of the apes last fall in research for hubster's halloween costume. i linked up a beautiful fish dish this week. it surprised me in how delicious it is.

  20. Your chocolate covered peeps are brilliant. Thanks for the inspiration and hosting another fabulous party!


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