BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK II - After School Power Snack

Welcome to another week of
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Did you see the adorable "Sharpened With Love: Pencil Cookies" guest-posted by Lisa of Moore Minutes last week?  Today, Lisa is back to share a healthy, delicious and fun idea for an AFTER-SCHOOL-SNACK.
What's round, juicy, crisp, and sweet, smoothed with creamy peanut butter on top?  An  Apple Disc Power Snack.

  Apples are classic for the school room. They are the ultimate  PowerSnack. Whether you send a shiny red along with your little ones in their lunchbox or slice a bowl for them to have after school, they are sure to please those hungry tiny tummies. I want to share a creative way to serve APPLES for an after school treat today! 

Typically, whenever I have a little surprise to share with the boys, I start off by giving them a clue in their mailbox.  We have a "family mailbox" area by our back door.  (More on that in a future blog post...)
Today, I hid a paper plate and wooden fork in each of their mail folders and told them to check their mailboxes...

In the dining room they found our table ready to create Apple Discs!

I washed and cored apples...

And gathered fun toppings...

Our topping choices:

seeds and nuts




mini chocolate chips

PB and rasins on my apple slices was one of my most loved snacks as a girl.  
I added some more choices to a traditional snack.

The boys spread on the peanut butter and started creating their apple discs.
 Titus made a happy face...

He had to clean off some of that cinnamon... ;)

Kotah made layers of apple discs...

Cameron wanted everything on his...

We even made an Apple PB&J...

 This was such a cool way to mix up regular snacks and make them extra fun.  The boys were able to run back to finish homework with full tummies and clear minds.

 Thank you Jenn for letting me share again on Rook No. 17! 
It was extra fun for me and I truly appreciate YOU!

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