Tiny Pilgrim Hats ~ For Tiny Pilgrims or Thanksgiving Treat Cups

If you have a die-cutter machine, Lifestyle Crafts has a Thanksgiving die that you're going to want to have for your collection --  

Truth be told, I don't own a die-cutter (yet).  The Epic 6 from Lifestyle Crafts is on my Christmas wish list.  But, in the meantime, I'm very thankful for having crafty and generous friends who are willing to share.  Last week I enjoyed weathering a rainy afternoon crafting with Holly of 504 Main who let me get all "kid in a candy store" in her collection of dies.  

Regular readers of Rook No. 17 are already familiar with my weakness and fainting-couch-fondness for miniatures.  So, when I saw the diminutive paper pilgrim hat that Holly had made with the pilgrim hat die fro Lifestyle Crafts, I squealed, swooned, and got right to work making a batch of my own.

I had originally thought of using the little hats as treat cups for the kids' table on Thanksgiving, but after jokingly placing one of the hats on my daughter's head, I knew I was on to something fun.

Tiny Pilgrim Headband Hats
Die Cutting Machine
Colored Paper
(I used black and rust cardstocks that were white on the opposite side)
Glue dots or tape
(I used Elmer's mini glue dots)
Clear or Black Tape
(I used Gorilla Tape)
Thin wire headbands
(I used a 3-pack from Scunci)

Step 1:  Cut pieces with your die cutter.

Step 2:  Assemble by fitting the pieces into the pre-cut slots.  So easy!  I used mini glue dots to hold it all together.

Step 3:  Tape hat to a headband.

Step 4:  Wear and smile!

 I'm already imagining these hats in green for St. Patrick's Day!

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