Ninja Birthday Party, Part II ~
Scrolled Invitation Tutorial

For my purposes, it's a Ninja Party Invitation, but these easy-to-make scroll invitations are perfect for any occasion!  Whether you're planning a party for a princess, a pirate, or a Kung Fu Panda, guests will delight in receiving their invitation in the form of a parchment scroll.

For the layout of these invitations, I used the same little Ninja figure that I had created for the Ninja Water Bottle Wraps (pictured below). 

I downloaded several free Asian-themed fonts from I've uploaded a fill-in version of the invitation for you to use below. You will need to have the following fonts installed for the invitation to print with the stylized fonts, rather than the plain ones shown below:  Kingthings Conundrum, Karate, Last Ninja, and Shanghai.  Once your fonts are installed, download the document in MS Word format from the link below.

Fill-in Invitation HERE 

Important Note: The invitation is in Word, so the fonts won't translate unless you have them installed. You can get the fonts that you need -- Karate, Last Ninja, Kingthings Conundrum and Shanghai -- for free from

Scroll Invitation DIY

8 1/2" x 11" Paper printed with invitation information
(I used an antique parchment finish paper from Wausau)
1/4" wooden dowels (buy one one-yard dowel for every two scrolls)
(mine were purchased at Michael's Crafts)
Small hand saw
sand paper
black spray paint
hot glue gun
beads (4 per scroll)

Step 1:  Cut the dowels down to size by marking 9" segments with the pencil.  Cut with the hand-saw, then sand the rough edges. Finally, lay the dowels out on a sheet of newspaper outdoors and spray paint.  Once paint dries, flip the dowels and paint the opposite side.

 Step 2:  Print invitations.  Leave 1 1/2" margins on the left and right.

Step 3:  Apply a line of hot glue down the left and right borders of the invitation.

Step 4:  Immediately set dowels in place, centered so that the dowel sticks out a 1/4" from both the top and bottom.

Step 5:   Run a line of hot glue down one side of the invitation, about 1" from the edge.  Carefully roll the scroll till it meets the hot glue.  Repeat with other side.

Step 6:  Use hot glue to affix beads to the ends of each dowel.

Step 7:  Roll scrolls and tie with ribbon.

Coming Next...Fleece Ninja Buddies

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