Warm Fuzzy Valentine Luv Bugs~
A cute & easy Valentine idea

I love to put together Valentines with a little something special for the recipient to keep as a token of the holiday.  So last year, my girls and I made these sweet little "Luv Bugs".  

If you were in a child in the 70s' these googly-eyed pompom critters with big feet might evoke some nostalgia.  Back then we called them Weepuls and Warm Fuzzies.  They  have the same charming effect on kids today as they did back them.

This year, we found our critters at Michael's crafts  in a bag of 18 for just $2.99.

The Valentines are simple to put together.  You can download the tags for free HERE:

Print on cardstock or photo paper, then cut out.  Use large glue dots to affix the Luv Bugs to the tags.  That way, you don't use up the adhesive on the feet (they're stickers) and the kids can put them on their shoulders later!

Your child can sign the back of the tag.

And there you have it!  Adorable little Luv Bugs!

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