Carte Postale Stamped Silk Flower Pin Tutorial

In December, my friend Holly (of 504 Main) and I hosted a small get-together of some of our closest friends for a "Favorite Things" party (inspired by an idea I found on Pinterest).

We held the event at a local venue overlooking the bay.

Each guest brought enough of a favorite thing (a lipgloss, split of champagne, gourmet chocolate, etc) to give to each of the other ladies.  

These were the "favorite things" that I brought for everyone.
Holly and I provided a linen tote for each guest, and everyone went home with their bags full of incredible new finds.  Holly and I each made our own version of fabric flowers as a little something extra for our friends.  We attached my flowers, which were on pinbacks, to the tote bags.  Holly's flowers, mounted on clips, were worn by each guest.  Here are the flowers that I made:

The inspiration for my flowers came from a post that caught my eye on Pinterest, originating at The French Cupboard.  

My color palette was inspired by a cream and black silk flower pin that I saw in a local boutique.  The pins were fun and easy to make.  They make a bold statement on a classic black sweater; can be worn in your hair; or used to dress-up a tote bag or clutch.  

Stamped Silk Flower Pins

Assorted Silk Flowers in the palette of your choosing
Fabric Ink Pad
(Look for fast drying and pigment based)
Postcard or other Ephemeral type stamp 
(mine was purchased at Michael's)
Hot Glue Gun
Buttons or bits of vintage jewelry
Felt (a single pin requires two 2" circles)
Small hole punch

Step 1)  Dismantle the flowers, sorting the petals by size, and reserving plastic stamens for later.

Step 2)  Use the stamp and fabric ink pad to stamp the vintage-looking images on some of the lighter colored petals.

Step 3) Dry fit (no glue) layers of petals until you've achieved the desired look.  I used at least two layers of stamped petals.

Ignore the black pipe cleaner in the center.  I originally intended it to hold the petals together during the dry-fit, but later found this step to be unnecessary.

Step 4) Starting with the bottommost petals, begin hot-glueing the layers together.  Glue between every layer.

Step 5)  Create a decorative center by layering a plastic stamen and vintage button.  Hot glue in place.

Step 6)  Optional -- softer petals sometimes have a tendency to droop.  To give the flowers a fuller, more lush look, you may want to glue some of the bottommost petals to the petals just above them.  See the picture below for an example:

Step 7) Cut two felt circles (1.5"-2" in diameter). In one, use a small hole punch to punch two holes, the same distance as the pin bar on the pinback.

Step 8)  Open the pin and insert through one of the holes.  Bring the pin clasp up through the other hole and close the pin.

This is what the felt and pin piece looks like from the back and the front.
Step 9) Glue the plain felt circle to the back of the flower.

Step 10)  Glue the pin and felt piece to the plain felt piece on the flower (so that the pin is sandwiched in-between the felt).  The felt "sandwich" gives the pin durability and strength.


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