Hoecakes ~ Make George Washington's Favorite Breakfast for Presidents' Day

Sharing a family tradition~
(George Washington's favorite breakfast)

HOE....cakes?  Indeed, these delicious little cornmeal-based pancakes were a favorite of farmhands and statesmen alike back in George's time.  They got their unusual name from the way they were originally prepared.   

Back in our nation's more agrarian days, field hands (for lack of a decent frying pan) would remove the blade from their hoe and use it like a griddle over an open fire. Back in George's day, the hoes used in the fields were much larger and flatter than the streamlined models we use for today's home gardening.  Hoecakes were served both for  breakfast, like pancakes, and as an accompaniment to a savory meal.  

Today, we make our hoecakes on a griddle.  In fact, every year I enjoy bringing a griddle in to my daughter's classroom to make hoecakes for the whole class!

For the recipe and more historical information, visit my original post HERE.

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