Lorax Truffula Tree Cupcakes -- Easy DIY

"But those trees! Those trees!
Those Truffula Trees!
All my life I'd been searching
for trees such as these
The touch of their tufts
was much softer than silk.
And they had the sweet smell
of fresh butterfly milk."

~excerpt from The Lorax by Dr. Seuss


In celebration of the release of The Lorax movie and Dr. Seuss's birthday, I made cupcakes for my daughter's class featuring silky tufted Truffula Trees, and it was so easy to do!  The paper straws are durable enough to be washed after use, so the kids were able to take theirs home. 

Truffula Tree Cupcake Toppers
(approx. 50-cents per piece)

1.  Striped Paper Straws
(I purchased mine from Shop Sweet Lulu)
2.  *Marabou feather yardage (5" per tree)
(From the trimmings section of your fabric store)
3.  Hot glue

Step 1:  Cut feather strand into 5" sections.

Step 2:  Hot glue in a spiral around the top 1" of a paper straw.  Put a dab of glue in the top hole of the straw as well.

Step 3:  Wrap feather strand around the glue.

Step 4:  Tuck the remaining end of the feather strand into the top hole of the straw.  Press feathers lightly against the straw and glue to make sure they adhere.  

To decorate the cupcakes with "Grickle Grass":

--Mix dark green and light green sanding sugars together in a small bowl.
--Frost cupcakes with white frosting.
--Dip frosted cupcake in the bowl of green sugars.

I have instructions for making your own tinted sugars HERE.


Add Truffula Trees:

--I cut my paper straws at different lengths to mimic the different heights of the trees.  I inserted them in the cupcakes at different angles to give a more Seussical look.

*A word about the Marabou feathers -- A Marabou "boa" at my local craft store cost $9.99.  In the trimmings section of the fabric department, I was able to find three colors of marabou, sold by the yard, for $1.99/yd.  The feathers are messy to work with.  Best to do this project outside or in a room where you don't mind a billion tiny feather trimmings flying through the air.

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