Monkeying Around with Fabric Scraps~
DIY Fabric Scrap Monkey Cards

For a card swap hosted by Making Memories With Your Kids, my daughter and I were inspired to monkey around with scraps and bits we could rummage from the craft room.  The result was this merry band of cheeky fellows. It was more fun than, well, a barrel of monkeys!


The craft was inspired by a project from one of my favorite paper crafting books, 365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard from Usborne/Scholastic.  This book has so many wildly creative, cute and easy crafts to do with your kids!

We gathered up some fabric and felt scraps, paper scraps, card stock and glue.  I made a pattern for the monkey pieces (which I'm sharing below) and got right down to business.... monkey business that is!

Here's how to make your own...

Fabric Scrap Monkey Cards

Pattern (Printable PDF HERE)
Fabric Scraps
Felt scraps for the monkey body, eyes, mouth and hat
Decorative paper (scrapbook, book pages, newspaper)
Blank cards or folded card stock
Spray Adhesive (Elmer's Craft Bond works well on felt)
Glue that goes on thick and dries clear (I use Elmer's Craft Bond Clear Dual-Tip Pen)
A standard hole punch
Embroidery floss, yarn, or string for the mouth

Step 1:  Prepare backgrounds by cutting decorative paper to the same size as the face of the card.  Spray back of background piece with adhesive spray and adhere to the face of the card.  

Step 2:  Download and print pattern pieces.  Cut out the pieces.  Trace and cut body and arm pieces from the same color felt.  Trace and cut hat from another color of felt.  Trace and cut the mouth piece from a light colored felt.  Trace and cut ears and belly pieces from fabric scraps.  

Use hole punch to punch eye pieces from a dark colored felt.  

Step 3:  Spray back of body piece with adhesive.  Press in to place on the card so that the bottom edge of the body lines up with the bottom edge of the card.  Immediately spray the backs of the ear pieces and set in to position under the felt body piece.

Step 4:  Spray the backs of the arms and set in to place under the body.  Spray the back of the mouth piece and press in place on top of body.  Do the same with the belly piece.

Step 5:  Spray the back of the hat and press in place.  Use a dab of glue to adhere each of the eyes.  Run a line of glue in the shape of a smile in the middle of the mouth piece.  Set a piece of embroidery thread or yarn in place on top of the glue.  For the nostrils, I cut a very thin piece of felt, then snipped it into two little slivers.  Glue the felt slivers into place for nostrils.  For the tassel on the fez, I cut a small triangle of felt and snipped the end three times to create a fringe. I glued it in place, then topped it with another hole-punched piece of felt in the same color.

These are the cards my little one made.
She insisted upon buttons for the eyes.
So cute!

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