Martial Arts for St. Jude --
Let's Kick Cancer's Butt

Here's the condensed version:  We're raising money for a local child, and children at St. Jude's with Cancer.  

I'm going to ask you for a dollar.  

Bribery: Everyone who donates $1 is entered for a chance to win a $20 Macy's Gift Card and Macy's Heart of Haiti Goddess Necklace from me.

So many fundraisers;
So many worthy "-a-thons";
Money's tight, right?
So we don't always feel right
hitting up family and friends.
Instead, we write a check for what we can.

This time it's different.
We're asking everybody --
Casting the net of charity far and wide.

Here's why:

Plaque from last year's donation from the money raised at American Karate's Break-a-Thon

Every year, my daughters' karate dojo (American Karate in Monterey, California) participates in Martial Arts for St. JudeEach year, the karate students collect and donate money to help children with cancer at St. Judes.  

This year's flyer

This year, one of the karate students was diagnosed with cancer.  An annual tradition just got very personal.

Cute kid (mine) asking for money

Very few of us are rolling in greenbacks these days, but a lot of single dollars can really add up to a nice donation to help Cooper and the children at St. Jude's.  Here's what you can do:

1)  Donate a $1 before May 19, 2012.  Fill in the Rafflecopter form below this post to be entered to win a $20 Macy's Gift Card and a Macy's Heart of Haiti Goddess Necklace.
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Thank you!

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