Good Karma -- Come and Get It!

Have you heard of Psi Bands?  They're an innovative option for drug-free nausea relief developed by two moms from my local area.  The FDA-cleared acupressure wristbands help provide users with relief of motion sickness, morning sickness and the nausea that results from chemotherapy.  We never take a family roadtrip without them!

I've been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with this wonderful forward-thinking company in the past and currently manage their Facebook page.  

Presently, Psi Health Solutions is trying to win a $250,000 small business grant from Chase bank and is just 60 votes short of qualifying.  So, to do my part to support good people and a small business I believe in, I'm offering up bucketloads of good karma to Rook No. 17 readers that take a moment to vote for Psi Bands!

Simply visit, "Login and Support", then enter "Psi Health Solutions" in the field provided.  Click "Vote", then spread the word by pressing "Share".

Thank you!

I have NOT been compensated in any way for this post.  Just trying to be a friend and supporter of a good company and a product I believe in.

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