Quesadilla Teepees ~ Play With Your Food!

I'm a rebel.  What can I say?  I LOVE to play with  my food!  And I'm passing my renegade ways on to my girls.

This summer, the girls and I came up with a fun twist on the plain old flat-on-your-plate Quesadilla -- Quesadilla Teepees -- coming at you in 3D!  

It's fun, easy, and healthy too!  The best part is, there's a surprise inside!  Fill a mushroom cap with your kids' favorite dip to use with the carrot sticks or celery that form the frame of the teepee!

Quesadilla Teepees

Tortillas (any type or size)
Cheese (any type)
Fillings (optional)
Carrot and/or Celery sticks
A toothpick or bamboo skewer
Mushroom cap
Dressing or dip (any type)

Step 1:  Using two tortillas and cheese, make a quesadilla in the microwave or in a pan on the stovetop.  Slice in half. 

Step 2:  Wrap each quesadilla half around itself to form a cone shape.  Fix in place with a toothpick or piece of a bamboo skewer.  This become the "back" of the teepee.

Step 3:  Run a toothpick or skewer all the way through the front right of the teepee to form a hole for the carrot or celery stick to go through.

Step 4:  Insert a carrot or celery stick through the hole and up through the top of the teepee.  The carrot and celery sticks should be cut to size so that they are approx. 1" taller than a tortilla half.


Step 5:  Repeat on the front left.

Step 6:  Remove the toothpick from the back of the teepee and insert a final carrot or celery stick.

Step 7:  Place an inverted mushroom cap on the serving plate and fill with dressing or dip.   Place the teepee over the mushroom and serve.

If the celery and carrot sticks are eaten first, the quesadillas can get a little cold, so just pop them back in the pan or microwave for a few moments to reheat.

Have Fun!

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