Easy Troll Doll Halloween Costume

If you were around in the 1960s or 70s, you'll likely remember Troll Dolls - the wild-haired, pointy-eared little nudists that inhabited dashboards and dressers.  Only one troll doll remains from my childhood collection, but he's become a favorite with my girls who have a soft spot for weird little trinkets, just like their mom! 

A few weeks ago, we were  breezing through the Halloween aisles at Target, when my youngest daughter came across a fuzzy green wig.  She put it on, and we all immediately chimed, "Troll Doll"!  Bringing the retro collectible toy to life became our mission.  Here's how we did it...


  • Fuzzy Wig (Ours came from Target for $9.99)
  • Bal Togs Mock Turtleneck Body Suit/Unitard (Amazon, $32)
  • 1 large jewel (flat back) from the craft store
  • 1 button (slightly smaller than the jewel)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clothing (optional)  

All that this costume requires as far as preparation is attaching the jewel.  I didn't want to ruin the bodysuit by gluing the jewel directly to it, so this was my solution:  I found a button that was only slightly smaller than the jewel.  I sewed the button in place on the body suit (slightly higher than my daughter's actual bellybutton).  Then, I ran a thin bead of glue around the outer edge of the button and pressed the jewel on top.  Now, when we want to remove the button, we can simply snip the thread from the back of the suit. 

My daughter wasn't hip to being a troll doll clad only in a birthday-suit, so we trimmed up a pair of inexpensive sweatpants and added a pair of suspenders that we found at Hot Topic.  

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