February 28, 2013

The Cat's Meow: A Vintage Cat & Kitten Scrap Sheet for You

I'm positively smitten with these kittens!

I couldn't resist adding this vintage West German scrap sheet to my collection when I spotted it at a tag sale this weekend.  C'mon, it's cats in hats!

Download and enjoy.
It's FREE!

Happy crafting!


  1. I've seen many of your crafts and just spent time going back through your blog. You are so talented. I am a new subscriber and can't wait to see what you do next. Hopefully I will just stop looking and use some of your inspiration!

    1. Wow Donna, thank you so much! You totally made my day! Happy creating!


  2. Oh look at all the kitties! How adorable must find something to use them for. Thank you for the download.

  3. OMG - these cats are so sweet! What a great find at a tag sale, no less! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the cats in hats! Thank you.


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