Vintage Style: 1930s Velvet Shamrock Pin Tutorial

velvet tubing shamrock pin
This week my mind is focused on studying for the CSET in order to start student-teaching in the fall.  So, to keep the creativity and merriment going here while I revisit ancient Mesopotamia, navigate through mitochondrial DNA, and tango with the Pythagorean Theorem, I've dusted off a simple little St. Patty's Day project from the Rook No. 17 archives.
velvet tubing shamrock pin

These very chic and charming little shamrock pins look just like them came out of a fancy millinery shop from the 1930s.
Grab some buttons, glue, wire and velvet tubing and let's go...

velvet tubing shamrock pin tutorial

Velvet Shamrock Pins
  • 18" Velvet Tubing (a.k.a. piping or cord) per pin 
  • 18 " of 22 gage floral wire
  • pretty buttons
  • hot glue gun
  • pin backs
  • Optional:  Fabric rosettes made from scrap fabric or lace

Step 1:  Remove the cord from inside the length of tubing.
Step 2:  Insert wire into tubing, and seal tubing at both ends with a small dot of hot glue. 
Step 3:  Use three fingers, as shown in photo below, to bend three loops in the wired tubing.
Step 4:  Use a small dab of hot glue to connect the three loops at the base.
Step 5:  Using your forefinger and thumb, stretch each loop to widen at the top.
Step 6:  Twist "stem" several turns to tighten the grain.
Step 7:  Glue a vintage button in the center of shamrock.  I layered two buttons.
Step 8:  Bend each petal in the center.

st. patrick's day jewelry diy
Step 9:  At this point you can embellish further by mounting the velvet shamrocks on a fabric or vintage lace rosette, or leave them as a simple outline as pictured above.  Use a dab of hot glue to affix a pinback to the back of the shamrock and it's ready to wear.

For this rosette, I used a 10" strip of frayed muslin, gather stitched.

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