Vintage-style DIY: "True Love's Kiss" Valentine's Day Gift Tags

Often, the subjects in vintage photos look serious, stodgy and downright uncomfortable.  Yet when cupid's arrow hit its mark, old-fashioned inhibitions apparently flew out the window.  I absolutely love old photos that capture the passion of true love's kiss!

Taking my inspiration from the "Wishing Tree Tags" from Jenny Doh's new book Stylish Weddings ~ 50 Simple Ideas to Make from Top Designers, I created a set of "True Love's Kiss" gift tags for Valentine's Day.  Tie them on to a special gift, or hang the whole collection from a natural branch or flowering plant.


Next week, I'll be giving away a copy of Jenny's beautiful book 
along with my highlights and review.

Without a word, these tags say so much.
Don't you think? 

To make your own, here's what you'll need to do:

"True Love's Kiss" Valentine's Day Gift Tags

  • Image files of vintage photos*
  • White card stock
  • Pinking shears
  • A 1/4" hole punch
  • Reinforcement tabs (vintage or new)
  • Optional:  grommets
  • Twine or ribbon

  1. Download some vintage photos (or scan your own).  Insert the images into a word-processing document.  Resize and/or crop if you wish.  Make sure to leave enough room around each photo for a white border. 
  2. Print on white card stock.
  3. Trim with pinking shears for a deckle border.
  4. Punch a hole in the top of each card.
  5. Adhere reinforcement tabs over the holes.  I antiqued mine with Tim Holtz Distress Ink (antique linen).  Optional:  Attach grommets.
  6. Thread and secure a piece of twine through the reinforcement tabs for each card.

These young lovers, Lydia and John, were friends of my paternal grandparents.  The photo was taken in May of 1936 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

I've created a printable PDF of the image above.  This particular photo is from my personal collection.  You can download it for free HERE.

*I don't own the other images, so I can't make them available through Rook No. 17.  However, I'll tell you that finding wonderful vintage photos of passionate kisses is as easy as putting "passionate kiss vintage" in your search engine (or in the search box on Pinterest).  


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