May 20, 2014

Free Printable Movie Ticket Style Invitations: How to Train Your Dragon

It's heartwarming to hear all the stories and receive all the thank-yous from families who have used my free birthday party templates to celebrate the special day of a loved one (The Lego Movie and Frozen).

I've decided to continue to make these freebies a regular feature here at Rook No. 17.  This time, I'm featuring How to Train Your Dragon from DreamWorks.  To say that my family loved the first movie would be an understatement.  We only hope that the sequel will offer up an equally enchanting story and memorable characters as the first.

Below, are the three different How to Train Your Dragon themed Movie Theater Style Invitations that can be downloaded for free, personalized and printed.

Disclaimer -- PLEASE READ -- These templates are not for sale and are not for profit. I'm sharing the templates free of charge, but as such, am not able to provide any custom work or tech support for how to use photo editing software. If you're new to photo editing and are ambivalent to try, there are many talented people selling movie ticket style invitations on Etsy. They will personalize them for you for $8-$10 -- a great deal!

If you're ready to proceed with customizing your own invitations, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Step 1:  Click on the invitation you want and download directly from my Photobucket.

how to train your dragon free printable ticket style invitation 3 photo CustomizeablefreeHowToTrainYourDragonPartyinvitationticketstylerookno17_zps8244b423.jpg how to train your dragon free printable ticket style invitation 1 photo Customizeablefreehowtotrainyourdragonpartyinvitationticketstylerookno17version3toothless_zps8bacf79e.jpg how to train your dragon free printable ticket style invitation 2 photo Customizeablefreehowtotrainyourdragonpartyinvitationticketstylerookno17version2_zps55774cf9.jpg

Step 2:  Use a photo editing program like Picasa (free online) PicMonkey (free online) or the one you're comfortable using to add text.  

Here are the names of the fonts I used:  
  • Arial Bold (for the "VIP" and other block text)
  • Digital-7 (for Day, Time and Month)
  • OCRATTRegular (for the rest of the details)

Step 3:  Print.  You have two choices.  These invitations are formatted to be automatically centered on a 4x6 photo.  This makes them easy to upload to a photo service (I use Costco) and have 4x6 prints made.  You will get one invitation per print and will have to trim away the left and right white margins.  You can also print at home.  If you use your photo editing software to crop off the left and right margins, you can print the images (maintaining the 6" height) 3 to a sheet of glossy photo paper.  

My girls are pushing for a MineCraft invitation next.
What do you think?


  1. My son is really into Rescue Bots. I'm sure I would not be the only one who would appreciate if you did that next. Especially since there are not many supplies available for this theme.

  2. My son is really into Rescue Bots. I'm sure I would not be the only one who would appreciate if you did that next. Especially since there are not many supplies available for this theme.

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  4. I just found your blog and love all your great party ideas. Thanks for sharing the How to train Your dragon invitations. I just printed some off for my daughter's birthday. Now I need to work on the food, games, and favors.

  5. Thank you so much! I am using the Train Your Dragon invites for my son's party. He absolutely loves them. I'm very excited to discover your blog :)

  6. You are a life saver! You are a blessing to me and others who are not artistically gifted as you. :)

  7. These are awesome! Thank you so much! I think we might be using these in November.

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  9. I love your invitations. Is there anyway you can make a polar express invite?

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