Summer Foraging Recipe: Elderberry-Blueberry Jam with Chia Seeds

In the woodland valleys of Central California, Elderflower trees have been in bloom all spring with their prolific, lacy white blossoms.  I've enjoyed making Elderflower syrup, candied elderflowers and sweet Elderflower Tempura.  A few days ago, I noticed that some of the trees are starting to bear fruit -- diminutive, tart little berries, deep purplish-blue growing in heavy clusters.  

Inspired by a love of biscuits and jam, foraging, and adapted from a recipe from Simply Beyond Herbs, I whipped up a simple and delicious jam made from the foraged Elderberries, fresh blueberries and using chia seeds for a perfect jammy consistency.

Enjoy and Happy Foraging!
PrintWith ImageWithout Image Elderberry-Blueberry Chia JamYield: One half-pint jarAuthor: Jenn Erickson Prep time: 10 MCook time: 10 MTotal time: 20 M An easy and delicious sweet-tart jam to make from foraged Elderberries. Ingredients:1 1/2 cups elderberries, rinsedPinch of salt1 cup blueberries, rinsed2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds1/2 Tabl…

How to Make Adorable Pompom Easter Chicks from Adventures in Pompom Land (DIY, Review & Giveaway)

I LOVE making cute things!
Do you LOVE making cute things?


If you're a fan of the sweet, the fuzzy,
the soft, the cuddly, the diminutive
and the adorable,
You're going to LOVE
(new this March from Lark Crafts)


Later in the post I'm going to show you how to make this sweet little chick.  At the end, you can enter to win your own copy of Adventures in Pompom Land. But first, let me tempt you with some of the other incredible step-by-step projects from Adventures in Pompom Land:

 Pompom Mouse

Don't ewe love it?
Pompom Lamb

A Pompom Pony and
A Huggable Hedgehog!

There's an Elephant, Snowy Owl, Fox, Bunny and many more!
Where does the cuteness end?
(The last page of the book, page 128) 

 Spring Chick
(adapted from the Yellow Chick & Bluebird projects in Adventures in Pompom Land) 

  • 100% wool yarn (yellow) 
  • 5"x3" piece of heavy cardboard, wrapped in packing tape
  • sharp scissors
  • waxed twine
  • small square of orange felt for the beak
  • 2 black glass or plastic eyes (10 or 12 mm)
  • 2 long sewing or floral pins
  • wire cutters
  • 24" 18 gauge floral wire
  •  yellow or orange embroidery floss
  • Tacky glue 
  • a small millinery flower

Step 1:  Make the pompom for the head by winding the yarn around the cardboard sleeve approx. 115 times.  Slide off of the sleeve, tie tightly in the middle with waxed twine, then cut the loops. 

Step 2:  Using sharp scissors, begin trimming the pompom into a 1.5" ball.

Step 3:  Make a pompom for the body by winding the yarn around the cardboard sleeve approx. 150 times. Slide off of the sleeve, tie tightly in the middle with waxed twine, then cut the loops.

Step 4:  Using sharp scissors, trim the pompom into an egg shape, roughly 3" from end to end.  Leave a tuft of yarn a little longer on the tapered end for the tail feathers.

Step 5:  Put a nickel-sized amount of tacky glue where you want the head.  Tack head into place with long pins until dry.  

Step 6:  Part the yarn and put dabs of tacky glue where you want to place the eyes.  Insert eyes.  Cut a small diamond of orange felt for the beak.  Fold, then part the yarn where you want the beak to be.  Glue in place.

Step 7:  Make legs by cutting wire into (8) 3" pieces.  Take four pieces of wire, hold them together and lightly coat the bundle with glue.  Working from top to bottom, wind the embroidery floss tightly and uniformly around the wires.  Stop approximately 1" from the bottom.  Bend each of the four wires out at a 90 degree angle to make individual toes.  Three will face forward; one will face backward to provide the support needed for the chick to stand.  Continue wrapping each "toe" wire individually with embroidery floss to cover the floral wire.  Tuck any loose ends under and affix with glue.  Repeat with remaining wires to create the second leg.  Use wire cutters to trim legs or toes to achieve the look you like.
Step 8Put a dab of glue on the top of each leg, then part the yarn and insert in the body of the chick.

Step 9:  To finish, glue a small millinery flower on one side of the chick's head.

Lark Crafts is giving Rook No. 17 readers a chance to win a copy of Adventures in Pompom Land.  Enter below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I received a review copy of Adventures in Pompom Land from Lark Crafts.  
All opinions are genuine and are my own.

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