Quartz Crystal Rock Favor-Gift Idea and Free End-of-School-Year Printable


Earlier this year, I completed my teaching program in a 2nd/3rd-grade combination class with a wonderful master teacher!  It was a fabulous experience, and it was really hard to say goodbye at the end of my 8-weeks.  I didn't want the school year to end without visiting the kids and my mentor, so I popped in the other day for a surprise visit.  I remembered from my time there, that the kids were fascinated with hunting for rocks and minerals.  So, I came up with this rock-solid end-of-the-school-year gift for each of them.

Rather than candy or junky toys, these little gifts offer up a piece of the earth's history -- a real quartz crystal.  These natural wonders make an excellent gift for students to pass out to their classmates for the end of the year or Valentine's Day, for a teacher to give to their students, or as party favors at a science or archaeology themed party.  

I was lucky to have a friend bring my crystals back from a trip to Brazil, but I did a little research for my readers and found that you can purchase quartz crystal points online for much less than you'd pay for most Made in China toys.  Here are a few sources I found:

-- or just Google "Quartz Crystal Bulk"  --

You could also fill the bag with rock candy.


For a full sheet of the tags, click on the image above.  My cards are formatted for a 3" wide bag.  If you want to use my graphic, but want to resize, you can download the single image here:

Here's a blank tag for you to personalize for anything you wish!  

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