August 23, 2010

FUDGY S'MORE CRINKLE COOKIE RECIPE ~ Thank you for being a friend...Golden Girls & Golden Grahams

My real-life friend and blogging confidante, Holly, recently commented to me about the undiminishing power of anything remoteley s'more-related captivating her attention.

fudgysmorecrinkles048-1.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss

This past weekend, we left behind our foggy, sleepy little home town for the vibrant, sky-scraper stacked, (yet still fog blanketed) City by the Bay ~ San Francisco ~ to attend a blog conference organized by the sisterhood of bloggers to which we belong ~ SITS.  It was fun getting to meet so many diverse, talented, and intelligent women, and I'm looking forward to implementing all the tips, tricks, and techniques that I picked up.  

photo compliments of SITS Bloggy Boot Camp

Most of all, it was nice just having a weekend away with a good friend.  This is the part where the "Golden Girls" theme song should start to play...

Thank you for being a friend,
(Really, it means the world to me)

Traveled down the road and back again.
(Alameda Point Antiques Fair, The Slow Food "Eat-In", Bloggy Boot Camp...even a few memorable trips to the local Dump!)

Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
(Who else "gets" my snark, and gets as excited as I do about a 3 page magazine feature about craft glues?)

And if you threw a party-,
(And yes, you've thrown quite a keep saying that if you drink enough you'll end up dancing on a table, but that's yet to be seen)

Invited everyone you knew-,
(But, if it's on a Friday night, chances are it'll just be you, me, a few cocktails, a little bit of crafting, and an appearance by your mother-in-law)

You would see the biggest gift would be from me
(Emphasis on "Biggest", not "Most Expensive")

And the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend"
(And for putting up with my when I hijacked your wi-fi)

So, Holly, this recipe (a collaborative creation from Mr. Rook and his assistant, Chef Chyler, during their weekend free from my warlording) is dedicated to you:


  1. Oh my...if I would have known, I would have gotten all gussied up to comment on this post. I love Bea Arthur and used to watch Maude religiously.

    This was so clever - you are too funny and too sweet. I had a blast.

    I will attempt to tweet this (HA!)

    And you know you will be tickled pink!

  2. You guys are too cute.
    Three things:
    1) Um, yum!
    2) How are you old enough to remember Maude? I loved that show when I was little!
    3) It was so great to meet you both!

  3. Those cookies are right up my alley! So glad I'm following you on Twitter now. Here's an easy peasy recipe I have made a bunch of times for smore's cookie bars. I heart graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate....

  4. I'm looking forward to next years conference, I just joined SITS and was not prepared to go. I'm glad you were able to make and meet such a good friend. Not everyone makes you want to be a Golden Girl. The recipe is awesome, it is inching me closer to the kitchen!

  5. wow those look fabulous, and your cakes... in my wildest dreams I could not do that. Where were you when I ended up with a neon beach scene for my twins birthday? You are amazing! So glad I found you for inspiration.

  6. Oh my! These cookies look crazy good :) Thanks for posting!!!

  7. OMG, I'll have to thank Holly for inspiring these because they look amazing!

  8. I am definitely making these. Miss Holly inspired a S'more pie at my place last week too!

  9. yum

    now i need the cookie fairy to come to my house and make me a big batch!!!!

    love your playlist!!


  10. Those look really yummy! But your post made me sigh -- only one Golden Girl is left now, right? *sob*

    I'm so in the mood to make these cookies and start a Golden Girl Marathon! ;)

  11. yuuum. this looks so good.great blog, im new to it, but i look forward to coming back soon!

  12. You have to love the Golden Girls. I have 2 friends that we say when we are old and outlive our husbands, we are going to live together like them. This recipe sounds so good! I can't wait to try it.

  13. Aww, I love the "Golden Girls" theme song, haha. <3 Those s'more things looked delicious. Very nice blog, by the way. *follows happily* :)

    -Lola (blogfrog [SITS] member)

  14. wow this looks amazing! I just made a s'more cookie bar for my blog myself...cant go wrong with s'mores! :)


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