FUDGY S'MORE CRINKLE COOKIE RECIPE ~ Thank you for being a friend...Golden Girls & Golden Grahams

My real-life friend and blogging confidante, Holly, recently commented to me about the undiminishing power of anything remoteley s'more-related captivating her attention.

fudgysmorecrinkles048-1.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss

This past weekend, we left behind our foggy, sleepy little home town for the vibrant, sky-scraper stacked, (yet still fog blanketed) City by the Bay ~ San Francisco ~ to attend a blog conference organized by the sisterhood of bloggers to which we belong ~ SITS.  It was fun getting to meet so many diverse, talented, and intelligent women, and I'm looking forward to implementing all the tips, tricks, and techniques that I picked up.  

photo compliments of SITS Bloggy Boot Camp

Most of all, it was nice just having a weekend away with a good friend.  This is the part where the "Golden Girls" theme song should start to play...

Thank you for being a friend,
(Really, it means the world to me)

Traveled down the road and back again.
(Alameda Point Antiques Fair, The Slow Food "Eat-In", Bloggy Boot Camp...even a few memorable trips to the local Dump!)

Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant.
(Who else "gets" my snark, and gets as excited as I do about a 3 page magazine feature about craft glues?)

And if you threw a party-,
(And yes, you've thrown quite a few...you keep saying that if you drink enough you'll end up dancing on a table, but that's yet to be seen)

Invited everyone you knew-,
(But, if it's on a Friday night, chances are it'll just be you, me, a few cocktails, a little bit of crafting, and an appearance by your mother-in-law)

You would see the biggest gift would be from me
(Emphasis on "Biggest", not "Most Expensive")

And the card attached would say, "Thank you for being a friend"
(And for putting up with my shenanigans...like when I hijacked your wi-fi)

So, Holly, this recipe (a collaborative creation from Mr. Rook and his assistant, Chef Chyler, during their weekend free from my warlording) is dedicated to you:

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