December 23, 2010


You've perhaps heard it mentioned that I have a particular weakness for glittery things.  It is, in part, what inspired the name of my blog (black birds have a natural attraction to shiny objects).  So, each time I visit my friend Holly's place and my eyes catch sight of one of the incredible glittered flowers she's fashioned out of simple wood pieces, I go into a sort of glitter induced trance.  

Recently, Holly added some of her magnificent jewel-toned creations to her Christmas tree, and I nearly went catatonic from the glitter euphoria.  Fortunately she was able to lull me back to reality with the promise of brie and some of her homemade spinach dip.  But I digress...

I'm truly honored to count Holly, the amazing gal behind 504 Main, not only as a great friend and ally in the blogosphere, but as a real-life friend as well.  I was thrilled when she agreed to share her Glittering Flowers tutorial here at Rook No. 17.  
Without further ado, I give you Holly:

Wooo-whooo! I am so happy to be visiting Rook No. 17!!!! Jenn is a true and fabulous friend...and crafty real life and blog life and she has asked me to share one of my all-time favorite creations!

So, before I continue on, I am Holly from 504 Main. I cook, craft, and chat about all sorts of things over there.  have a crazy mixed up eclectic style and I love to make beautiful things out of the unexpected (and the expected too!).

 I pretty much love plate joining biscuits and
the unexpected and unusual items you can create with them.
(you get 'em at the hardware store)
You can bet your sweet patootie there will be more
projects using these biscuits soon!

Glittering Flowers
Click {HERE} for a pdf  

* P.K. Glitz Glitter in desired colors (or any glitter, but finer glitters and glass glitter give a great sparkle)
* Gorilla Wood Glue
* Plate Joining Biscuits
* 1” wood discs (or old buttons or anything flat) 
* Paint brush
* Paint (Optional – this can be done w/o paint or you can paint each biscuit for a base – spray paint works quickly and well)
* “Centers” for flowers – beads, buttons {shank works extremely well}, gems – your choice.
* (Optional) felt and floral wire

1. Each flower takes 5 petals (biscuits) and one disc (you can use just about any round, flat item for the center. I have used button and brass key tags too).If you are going to use these as ornaments, you should decide how you want to hang them now. Skip to step 9 to see your options. If you choose option C, you need to pre-drill a small hole now.*

2. Paint Gorilla Wood Glue all over the top and sides of each biscuit. {OPTIONAL: prior to glittering, you may chose to paint the entire biscuit - and wood disc a similar color to the glitter color}. For ornaments I glittered both sides of my flower.

3. Douse each petal in the desired color of P.K. Glitz glitter. Use a coffee filter to catch the excess glitter - so easy to slide the excess back into the jar!

4. Set aside and let dry.
5. When dry, take one 1” disc and paint glue all over the top.

6. Lay your petals out on top of the disc – only the tips will be on the disc and glued to it. Once these set, I like to drop a drop of glue into the center – it spread and solidifies the hold. Let dry.

7. Attach center – gems, pearl, crystals, buttons – it all depends on the look you want. Shank buttons work really well, as the shank sets in the glue.
ALTERNATIVE: I have not tried this yet, but depending on your desired application, you can also apply the petals directly to some felt - that is or can be cut around the shapes.
8. Once completely dry – NOTE: THESE FLOWERS ARE STILL FRAGILE EVEN WHEN DRY – you can cut some floral wire and attach it to the back using the glue – cut a small piece of felt to sandwich the wire. (You may need to touch up in some areas)
9. To make them an ornament, either:
A. Put a generous dollop of hot glue on the back of the disk and settle an ornament hook right into it (the very easy method)
B. Do the same as A, but add a circle of felt to cover the hot glue/ornament from behind.
*C. Drill a small hole in one of the petals and string a ribbon or desired hanger through it.

Use the flowers to decorate wreaths, baskets, branches. They are gorgeous glittering goodness - perfect for Fall!

Don't you just L-O-V-E the SCREEN WREATH?
 It is still one of my favorites!
Read all about it {HERE} and get a link to a pdf tutorial.

Thanks Jenn for letting me visit!
Happy Holidays everyone!
504 Main


  1. I must admot that I have fancied myself a human crow from ime to time. I adore glittery things, and these are georgous!! They would be cool in red like a poinsetta or gold, and hung on the Christmas tree.

  2. Wow, I love these. So easy, I could make them. Thanks for the great idea.

  3. Thanks for having me...I love to feed the glitter obsession!

  4. Merry Christmas! Hope you and yours have a great day!

  5. Ebi gusei suka!!!

    Privet s goufaka


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