October 4, 2010


If you've visited Rook No. 17 before, you may have noticed that I've recently made a few changes to the home page ~ just a bit of updating, housekeeping, and de-cluttering.  Hope you like it!  And if not, go suck an egg (did I just say that?).  Just kidding, of course.

I've relocated many of the buttons and gadgets, and have removed the slideshow of my cake art.    Instead, I hope you'll enjoy a sample of how I have fun with flour & sugar here on my new "Cake Art" page. While I'm currently on hiatus from the sugar wrangling biz, taking the time to tame my two little wild beasties (ages 5 & 9) , I've been coaxed out of retirement by the prospect of an exciting and challenging cake sculpting commission (involving a vintage fire-truck from my home town) which I'll be delving in to next spring!  

I've sometimes been asked which cake I'm most proud of.  There are some where I was pleased with the level of realism I was able to achieve.  Some were simply fun, while other's were meaningful.  Some have great stories attached to them.  But the one that fits in to every one of those categories has to be my CRAB CAKE.  This cake was done free form and was completely sculpted and painted by hand.  I made it as a donation to a charity Crab Feed for an organization in my area.  Delivering a cake is always the most harrowing part of the entire cake experience, and when the cake finally touches down on the showcase table, it becomes the most satisfying.  The best part of delivering this cake was when I arrived at the event was when I was directed to the kitchen by the event's organizers and told to give it to the chef, because they thought it was a real crab.  

The cake business was not without its heartbreaks and disasters, but I'll have to save those sweet little crumbs for another day...  Bon Appetit!  

While certainly very crabby, this fellow was actually a very sweet and rich chocolate cake on the inside.
His "squeeze of lemon" was made of sugarpaste.

This cake was my interpretation of the client's Peter Max lithograph (in the background).

This was designed for a book club called "The Bookies"

Inspired by Mary Cecily Barker's Flower Fairies

Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

The client wanted a topsy turvy cake based on her collection
of eclectic demitasse

The client asked me to replicate a hammered tin plaque she and her fiancĂ© had purchased in Mexico.  It is made of sugarpaste, as are the scrolls banding the cake.

A little sugarpaste Eiffel Tower for a Francophile birthday girl

A baby octopus for a baby shower.  Pacifier and Rattle were made of sugarpaste.


A mix of fresh and sugarpaste flowers are joined by chocolate shoes and cross.

The folk art collection that inspired the cake.

The cake.

"An inside joke," is what I was told when a mom ordered this cake for her daughter's 19th birthday.

On of my signature desserts:  Chocolate Banded Parapets


  1. wow!!! look at all these amazing cakes!

  2. I 2nd that - Wow, those are some amazing cakes!

  3. I am in awe! I wish I could come be your apprentice!

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  5. *deleted previous post due to lack of complete thought*

    holy moly Jenn - your cakes are AMAZING!!!!! I knew you were uber talented but to see these pictures, which I am sure do only a tiny bit of justice, leaves me speechless

    I really *heart* the the flower fairies and the purpley roses above it. (it could be that I am partial to purple though!)

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. These are so amazing!!! Wow!!! My daughter watches Cake Boss all of the time and these cakes put those to shame!

  7. These cakes are just wonderful, Jenn! It was so fun looking at these fabulous works of art~ you are very talented!!

  8. these cakes are amazing...i know how much work they are. i am in awe of your talent. the crab cake is simply perfect...but i can't imagine where the staff thought you could have found a crab that size! i can't wait to see the fire truck

  9. I'm a follower! I love your blog! So creative!

  10. I love your cakes...the best looking and tastiest EVER!

  11. I have no idea how you can be that talented and not have your own television show!

    I don't think I could pick a favorite because they're all so gorgeous! My only problem would be cutting into such a masterpiece. It would kill me!

  12. I agree with the last commenter, I would hate cutting into those beautiful cakes too!!

    I am so excited at how creative you are! Wow, you inspire me!! You really have an extraordinary talent.

    I am thinking about doing the popcorn cupcakes for my kids birthday this month (oops, in a few days actually!!). Their bdays are the 11th and 16th so I usually have 1 big party:)

  13. What.Ev.Ah. Your shaped cakes are truly amazing, but I think my fave is the Peter Max. Next to the one you did of the book- I'm a total book nerd. I also totally love your blog header. Gorgeous.

  14. I have honestly never seen such beautiful cakes. If you were near me (and still doing this ful time) you would be getting a phone call! That crab is incredibly A-MA-ZING!!!

  15. jenn! i am so impressed by your amazing cakes. you are so talented:)

  16. I am always in awe of your work, you know that! Someday, I hope to create a collage of pictures of all the wonderful cakes you've made to hang on my wall. My favorites...well, someday I may get married. :)

  17. I am in total awe of your cakes!!! I keep going back and looking at the crab cake...it's so darn real!

  18. Ahhh!!! I can NOT choose a favorite!!! At first I was gonna say the bee cake, but looking again... I love the Paris cake... or the rose petal cake... or the blossom beauty cake... or the fairy cake!!! Well, I actually really like the crab cake, too ;)

    Beautiful talent!!! Wow!

  19. WOW!!!!!!!!!! YOu could be on TLC. Your cakes are magnificant!!!!!!

  20. Wow Jenn!! You are AMAZINGLY talented. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. These are such creative gift ideas... You should totally be entered on the Food Network Cake Contests!!

  21. Amazing cakes. You are very talented and creative!

  22. OH MY GOSH they are all so..... so... gorgeous!


  23. Your cakes are amazing. I dabble (no formal training) in cake decorating but yours are fabulous!! WOW

  24. Beautiful! You have such talent. Thanks for sharing!


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