You'll have to pardon our bawdy enthusiasm, but Wired Magazine's Lore Sjoberg is FRICKIN' HILAROUS. On his insightful, witty & slightly warped
"BOOK of RATINGS" you can check out his thoughts on such topics as Conspiracy Theories, Pasta Shapes, Wart Remedies, Marvel Supervillians, State Quarters, Facial Hair, Things from the Dollar Store, and a personal favorite here at the Rookery "Names for Felis Concolor" (that's a Mountain Lion in these here parts).

Here's a little taste from "FISHER-PRICE LITTLE PEOPLE "
The Upset Freckled Boy Child: It's nice of Fisher-Price to include a dissident among all the smiling Little Constantly Happy People. A dissident with his hat on sideways, so you know he's trouble. He's unquestionably the sort of hard-hearted delinquent who steals apples from Old Man Croody's yard and says "Nuts to you!" to authority figures. I like him. Grade: A

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