Healthy Family Shopping Guide and Free Printable Wallet Guide

Does it sometimes feel like you need an advanced chemistry degree to make it through a grocery trip without filling your cart with cleverly packaged junk masquerading as "health food"? I've  found that it's difficult enough to navigate the aisles with a restless brood of cephalopod-like children (yes, they appear to grow tentacles at the mere mention of the grocery store), without having to channel an encyclopedic knowledge of food science at every twist and turn.

So, I've created a nice little cheat sheet that fits neatly in to your purse or wallet. The "HEALTHY FAMILY SHOPPING GUIDE" includes Dr. Sears' list of the top 12 healthiest foods to help keep you on track while your two-year-old is screaming "COOOOKIE!" I've also included a list of healthy vs. bad fats, power proteins and the goods on good grains. To help you extrapolate the ingredient lists on all those packaged foods, I've included a list of MSG pseudonyms and other sneaky additives to look out for. 


Download the PDF file, print, cut, fold, and laminate. Feel free to spread the word and share.


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