With the popularity of such groundbreaking books as Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation" and the recent theatrical release of the food industry expose "Food, Inc" the movement towards organic, sustainable, and genetically unaltered food may be on the rise. As the American consciousness about the things we put in our mouths continues its awakening, the media is striving to meet our craving for straightforward and up-to-the moment news on the food industry. Our friends at Gourmet Magazine are leading the way with their online (and in print) monthly feature POLITICS OF THE PLATE. In previous articles they've addressed such issues as "Toxic Strawberries? (California’s governor will soon decide whether to approve a new—and possibly very dangerous—pesticide for use on this beloved summer fruit.)", "Milking for Profit (One of the nation’s largest dairy processors could soon come under investigation by the Justice Department.), and "Politics of the Plate: Roundup Ready—or Not? (A court decision comes as good news for opponents of genetically modified crops. But is it the beginning of a political sea change, or just a blip?) ". From health and science to policy and corruption, Gourmet's talented staff of writers tackle the most current issues on our nation's plate.

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