Halloween brings out such creativity in people! And it can help to relieve our pop-culture induced angst too.

Take for example, my friend Chris (known him since elementary school ~ reconnected recently on Facebook):  His lovely wife Michelle has been often told that she looks like Kate Gosselin.  Okay, so it's a step up from being an Octo-mom look-a-like, or told you have the fashion sense & IQ of the Housewives of Orange County.  Nonetheless, Michelle could do without the comparison.  When Chris and Michelle are out together the problem becomes compounded:  "Hey look, it's Jon and Kate!" (even though Chris bears no resemblance to Jon except the fact that they're both Asian).   

But then, this Halloween, Chris and Michelle needed costumes.  It took some convincing, but once Michelle was on board, her creativity took over.  The couple went to Kohls and Ross to buy "Gosselinesque fashion" (Chris coined this new term).  It was even Michelle's idea to cut out the little kids and attach them to sticks so they could each carry around four kids at all times.  Heavens!  Just look at that picture ~ Michelle's hair is spot-on! 

Chris said, "It was pretty interesting how many people were looking at her all night saying "Wow, she really looks like Kate!". " 

I love their creativity, their sense of fun, and ability to laugh at themselves, at pop-culture and at stereotypes. 

Will you be dressing up for Halloween?  Do tell...

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