I found a great new service for posting slideshows
I was able to upload my whole portfolio from Flickr and
create this new slideshow in a flash. Yippee!


  1. I think it is great too. Saved a ton of room on my blog using it for awards and forums. Great you are sharing the idea. I think others will find it useful too. Holly at

  2. I was wondering how that was done! I am so stealing this when I have time to revamp my blog. Isn't great when we get so many accolades that we have to make room for more! Love it!

  3. WOW. There are some seriously cool cakes here. I am beyond impressed...better than Ace of Cakes, imho. Thanks also for sharing the slideshow feature (and to Charisse and Holly for pointing out the space-saving aspect on the blog...I wondered how you guys did that!)

    Thanks SO much for dropping by site today to introduce yourself and for the sweet comment... it was most appreciated! I'll be back to visit here again soon!

  4. speaking of awards, I have a little something something for you over at my site!

  5. I love that slide show and congrats on your awards!!


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