Chonky Boys: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches that Scream Summer!

Featuring my thick and nuggy Chonky Boy Chocolate Chip Cookies, these ice cream sandwiches are the stuff that summer dreams are made of.  If you've ever had the Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at Disneyland , you are going to LOVE these!  These big and bold chocolate chip cookies are based on a recipe from my culinary school studies at Auguste Escoffier, but with a few modifications to give them that Jennuine touch.  They make the perfectas book for a fat slice of real vanilla bean ice cream.  And those mini chips?  You just gotta have that extra cronch! Thank goodness this recipe only makes 8 sandwiches, otherwise I would be eating them for breakfast lunch and dinner.  This way, my big family can help save me from my inner child diet-saboteur.   Print With Image Without Image Chonky Boy Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Yield: 8 Author: Jenn Erickson Loaded with chocolate chips and buttery, brown-sugary vanilla flavor, these mall-sized cookies form a perfect partnership with a


Thanks to the courageous confession from fellow blogger Nicole at Miss Dot's Cupcake Spot (Read her post "Don't Hate Me, But...", and while you're there check out  Mustache Mondays!)  that she isn't particularly fond of Thanksgiving Food, I feel safe to say that I could contentedly live out the rest of my days without ever eating another bite of Thanksgiving Turkey (Whew!  That felt good!) 

There must be more of us out there who, because they love the tradition, the feasting, and celebration that comes with the holiday, hide our true feelings.  Somehow, not liking a slice of bird with cranberry sauce feels, well, kinda un-American.  Hmmm....I'm feeling a support group coming on ~ The First Annual Congregation of the AntiTurkarian Holidationalists?  If you thought I was weird for not liking Turkey, well, now I've really gone and done it!

Some AntiTurkarians, like my friend Nicole, turn to desserts (specifically PIE) for their Thanksgiving salvation.  Not having much of a sweet-tooth myself (although we do share a weakness for Pecan pie), I look to trying new side-dishes each year that will compliment the cuisine at my mom's and provide respite for the turkey-weary.

As always (I hope) my griping and whining does lead somewhere:  To two recipes that I tried last year, that met with rave reviews from Traditionalists and AntiTurkarians alike.  They were simple to prepare, could be prepared in advance, and traveled well. 

from Martha Stewart

from Real Simple

Is there a secret something you've been harboring guilt over disliking? 
Get it off your chest! 

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