SMITTEN WITH KITTENS ~ some charming clipart for the classroom, playroom, or nursery


A dear friend retired from teaching this year, and as she was cleaning out her classroom she came across a set of "Good Manners Full Color Posters" from 1969. The colors are so bright and cheery, and the messages are simple and timeless! These charming vintage posters would be perfect for a playroom or nursery, and have excellent graphics for a myriad of craft projects.
I'm already envisioning a sweet little chore chart and some lunchbox-notes for back-to-school time. I wonder if a full wall mural of "PUT THINGS AWAY" would have any effect at my house? Probably not, even if I added a really scary-looking mama-cat holding up a trash bag in the background.
What sort of crafty vision do you have for these well mannered felines? Please share your inspirations, and feel free to download the images to use as you'd like (for non commercial projects).

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