July 21, 2010


Last summer I taught a chocolatiering class for children.  We covered a variety of techniques, but my favorite (and the one that really appealed most to my "inner child") was the project using a quick setting, flexible, silicone modelling compound to make custom chocolate molds.  


Being a child of the 70s, and a diehard Star Wars fan, my immediate thought was HAN SOLO!  Yes, I am not only a culinary geek, but a pop culture & Star Wars nerd as well (and proud of it).  My friend Giuseppe whose son was taking the class had the same idea, and much to my delight, had the original action figure of Han Solo frozen in Carbonite!  The modelling compound was costly, so I ended up having the kids in the class make molds of sea shells, rather than casting larger toys, so Han got a reprise.

A few weeks ago, we had some of our good friends over for dinner, and guess who came along?  Han Solo.  Apparently Giuseppe had decided that we had put off Han's cocoa incarceration for long enough.  I had saved a portion of the modelling compound for the task, so without a moment's hesitation, the process was begun.

To give our "Han" a little somethin' extra, we embedded a pretzel stick ~ 
that perfect sweet/salty combination, and a great crunch!  
A little disturbing?  Yes.  Delicious?  Absolutely!

So, perhaps Star Wars doesn't float your boat.   Not to worry ~ with the easy-to-use Silicone Plastique, you can cast just about anything! A vintage spoon?  Yup!  Your child's favorite toy?  Sure thing!  Your middle finger (a sweet way to send a not-so-sweet message)?  If you wish.

To make your own custom chocolate molds, you need only two things:

1)  Silicone Plastique ~ Food Grade Silicone Mold Putty
2)  The item you wish to cast

Here's how it's done:

Step 1
photo courtesty of makeyourownmolds.com

Silicone Plastique is comprised of two separate components ~ Part A is blue and Part B is white.  Both are about the consistency of play-doh.  You will need equal parts A&B to mold your item.

Step 2
Silicone Plastique step 2
photo courtesty of makeyourownmolds.com

Knead equal parts A & B until thoroughly incorporated.  It's ready to use when your compound is a consistent light blue.  

Step 3
Silicone Plastique step 3
photo courtesty of makeyourownmolds.com

Roll or press compound (by hand or rolling pin) to twice the thickness of the object being molded.  Silicone Plastique has a working time of about ten minutes before it starts to set.  Press object into compound.  Do not remove it.  Make sure all the areas you wish to mold are being hugged by the compound.  The mold will be completely cured and ready to use in an hour.

Step 4
photo courtesty of makeyourownmolds.com

Remove object.  Fill mold cavity with melted chocolate. When chocolate has set, the flexible mold will allow you to easily remove the finished product.

The Molds are

You can use the molds for 



  1. you gave Hans a lil some thing, some thing eh? LOL my mind is not right, don't ask Jenn XO

  2. that is really cool...i have always thought it would be fun to make my own molds....but never actually had the gumption to do it. this might just be the nudge i need!

  3. Adding the pretzels to the chocolate is inspired! I'd be tempted to lay them out in skeleton configuration just because...

  4. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [21 Jul 12:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Honestly, the chocolate mold is the coolest idea ever. And, I need the force to be with me today. Either that or I need the ability to use the Jedi mind trick.

    How would I go about making a mold of Prince? Two things together that make me very happy, Prince and chocolate.

  6. It was fun t watch you do that. If I did not live so close to you I would be so tempted to give this a try...for now I will leave it to you...the expert! This would be such an awesome favor for a Star Wars party!

  7. Han Solo in chocolate. Now THAT is simply inspired!!

  8. That's so cool! I did something kind of like that years ago. When my son was little, he got some gummy Pokemon candy. The package had the impression of each piece on it, so I washed it and saved it. At Easter time, I made chocolate Pokemon with it for his Easter basket.

  9. OH, my gosh. You need to send a link to this to EPBOT. Seriously, geek-girl awesomeness!

  10. Now that looks yummy...and my mind can't help but drift to how those molds can really be used...hmmmm....
    PS Missed you, and no I'm not some crazy stalker, but an oldie reincarnated!

  11. I'm sure my kids would love to do something like this!

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  13. I love it. I would eat a Han Solo chocolate dude any day. I love Star Wars. I say "May the Force Be With You" to my students every time I give them a test. I can't help it.

  14. Thanks for for joining us on Boost My Blog Friday! Hope we'll see you next Friday too:) Oh and feel free to come back anytime for more blog help and easy HTML tips;) Happy Boost My Blog Friday!

  15. Following you back from Tanja's Cupcakes!
    This is a really awesome idea :D


  16. Hey I'm visiting from BlogFrog Linky Friday and I just followed your blog. This Han Solo mold rocks!!!! I finally "retired" from making chocolate truffles a couple of years ago. I would make about 500 of ten different flavors and I realized I was starting to dread the holidays! This project tempts me though!

  17. I'm curious -- how much of the Silicone Plastique did it take to make the Han in Carbonite mold?

  18. Hi Pam, thanks for asking. It's been a while, and I just used what I had left-over from a previous project, but if I'm remembering correctly, it was about 3 oz. The piece was a bit larger than a golf ball. Hope this helps! Jenn

  19. Hi, I just came across your blog as I am planning a wedding shower/bachelor party for my cousin and wold love to try and make this molds. Where did you get the Han Solo figure?


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