August 10, 2010


treat_basket_diy001-1.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss

I recently had the pleasure of having some of my youngest daughter's friends over for tea.  It was a delightful little party, and was so easy to put together.  It gave me and my girls an opportunity to plan a party together, create a menu, and to pull out some of our vintage linens and china. It showed my girls, and reminded me, that you need not go to elaborate lengths, expense, and preparations to have a charming and memorable party.  All you need is a little creativity and a few good friends.  

With the first day of school looming ever closer, we had little time to prepare, cook, or shop, so it was wonderful to be able to pick up so many of the little treats on our menu from Trader Joes.  While there, we found the most lovely little assortment of salt-water taffies in soft pastels, which inspired the creation of the little treat baskets we put together, using supplies we already had at home, and based on the treat and nut cups that were popular at children's parties in the Victorian era.

To make your own festive treat baskets, here's what you'll need:

Tissue or Crepe Paper
Paper drinking cups
Scrapbook Paper or Wrapping Paper
Glue Stick
Hot Glue Gun
Pipe Cleaners
Ribbon or ric rac trim
Embellishments: Scrap images, glitter, etc... 

You can download the vintage scrap images I used for my baskets HERE:


Step 1:  Dismantle one paper cup by cutting down one side, removing bottom, cutting off the rim, and flattening out.  This is your cup-sleeve template. 

Step 2:  Trace the template on to the reverse side of your decorative paper. Cut out cup-sleeve.

Step 3:  Apply glue, with your glue stick, to the back of the cup-sleeve, then wrap around a cup.

Step 4:  Apply hot glue to half of the inner top rim of the cup. Apply a crepe paper strip (approx. 2" x 12") to the glue, ruffling as you go.  Apply glue to the remaining half of the cup and finish the ruffled crepe paper border.

Step 5:  Create an outer ruffle by using the same technique as in Step 4, applying glue to the top, outer border.

This will give you a full double-ruffle

Step 6:  Hot glue end of pipe cleaner to one side, and then the other, to create a handle.  

Step 7:  Use hot glue to adhere a ribbon or ric rac border

Tea_Party_Crafts034-1.jpg picture by sarahjmorriss

Step 8:  Embellish with scrap images and do-dads

I like to add a touch of fine glitter to my scrap images

Our simple, yet elegant tea party menu included:

Mini Chocolate Biscotti
Fresh Strawberries
Sesame Chicken Salad Tea Sandwiches, my daughter's favorite (recipe HERE)
Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Peach & Vanilla Teas

We made some quick and yummy "Cheater Scones" with a package of Trader Joe's buttermilk biscuits.  My daughter pressed down each piece of biscuit dough on a lightly floured board, cut into a heart shape with a cookie-cutter, and placed on the baking sheet.  We were able to combine the scraps and roll them out and cut an additional dozen "scones".  Before baking, we brushed the tops with cream and sprinkled them with pink sanding sugar.  They were delicious, fun and easy.  


  1. How darling! Love the baskets. Lezlee

  2. My daughter would just love this! I'm sure the girls felt so special, drinking from china, and getting there sweet homemade baskets! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cute and easy-peasy project! The addition of the vintage clip art make it even more darling.

  4. Beautiful....
    Greetings from Poland.

  5. What a great experience for them. I would love to go to a party like this!

  6. What an awesome tea party. Me and my girls are big tea party gals. I loved all your wonderful ideas. We will be using many of them. In fact, we are all working on making tea party dress up cloths (Pride and Prejudice era). I just finished my outfit -- I posted it today!

  7. I need to make some new friends. No one I know ever throws parties like this! Any plans to move to Albuquerque? ;)

  8. Those treat baskets are really pretty!
    You have lots of lovely and interesting creations here!

  9. Hello~ I couldn't find the specific (children)clip art images you glittered and used on the lil' baskets. The closes image I could find are with your candy box template. The little boy in the top hat wasn't there.
    I'd appreciate your help :D

    Sweet wishes,


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