"Little Girls, little girls, everywhere I turn, I can see them..."  
~Miss Hannigan, 'Annie' the musical

Today, my "little girls" and I put together some small collages using assorted scrap images, ephemera, copies of old family photos, and good ol' Mod Podge, to use as cards to thank our family and friends for birthday and Christmas gifts received in the past few weeks.

Each mini collage features an old fashioned little girl and a strip taken from an old dictionary for the word "thankful".  Most of the little girls featured in the collages were scanned from family photos, and the rest were taken from vintage postcards and ephemera.  

Feel free to download and save the collages for personal use for tags, cards, or other creative projects of your own.  I'm also including a free downloadable scrap sheet containing the images of the little girls and another with the "thankful" strips.  Enjoy!

Little Girl Scrap Sheet

Thankful Scrap Sheet

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